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  *冷* | 冷* | *冷
surname Leng
  *冷* | 冷* | *冷
to freeze / to deep-freeze
to cool off / cooling
refrigeration / cold storage / to keep (food, medicine) in cold environment
cold and detached towards sb / lack of regard / indifference / neglect
calm / cool-headed
cold (climate) / frigid / very cold
a neglected branch (of arts, science, sports etc) / fig. a complete unknown who wins a competition
cooling tower
lit. daily changes of temperature / fig. well-being / sb's comfort, health, prosperity etc
air conditioning (Tw)
cold water / unboiled water / fig. not yet ready (of plans)
desolate / unfrequented / to treat sb coldly / to snub / to cold shoulder
Lengshuitan district of Yongzhou city 永州市, Hunan
Lengshuijiang county level city in Loudi 婁底|娄底, Hunan
to sneer / to laugh grimly / grin of dissatisfaction (bitterness, helplessness, indignation etc) / bitter, grim, sarcastic or angry smile
(US-Soviet) Cold War
cold war / (fig.) strained relationship / to be barely on speaking terms
(coll.) shiver / shudder
grim / unfeeling / callous
Lengshuitan district of Yongzhou city 永州市, Hunan
(metallurgy) cold-rolled / cold-rolling
cold / indifferent
joke intended to be so corny it makes one groan
cooling water (in a reactor)
cold-blood / cold-blooded (animal)
cold and cheerless / fig. lonely / unfrequented
cool and elegant
cold drink
reserved / aloof / (geography) (of a location) elevated and cold
cold compress
cold-blooded animal / fig. cold-hearted person
grim / stern / harsh
naengmyeon (Korean dish based on cold noodles in soup)
grave and stern
refrigerated truck or wagon
(of food) raw or cold
deserted / desolate / unfrequented / cold and cheerless / lonely / in quiet isolation
cooler / ice chest / reefer container
cold weather
frigid irony and scorching satire (idiom); to mock and ridicule
cold sweat
cool eye / fig. detached / (treating) with indifference
gloomy and cold
(in literature and opera) a place to which a monarch banishes a wife or concubine who falls from favor / (fig.) the doghouse / a state of disfavor
freezer compartment
now hot, now cold / (of one's mood, affection etc) to alternate
cold front (meteorology)
the cool eye of a bystander / a detached point of view
cold weather / cold season
air conditioner
an upset (esp. in sports) / unexpected turn of events / to pull off a coup / a breakthrough
non-physical abuse / emotional abuse / the silent treatment
cooling-off period (divorces, purchases, surgeries)
suddenly / by surprise
to shiver / to shudder
discouraged / downhearted
Lengshuijiang county level city in Loudi 婁底|娄底, Hunan
as cold as ice and frost (idiom, usually of woman); icy manner / frigid
variant of 冷戰|冷战
stage wait / (fig.) awkward silence
icily arrogant
to snub / to consign to the trash heap of history
sarcastic comments (idiom) / to make sarcastic comments
cold meal / cold food
cold and desolate / lonely
to feel a chill (as an emotional response) / to feel cold (as a clinical symptom)
a cold tendency / a freeze (in relations)
cold-hearted / unfeeling / callous
chilled to the bone / (of the wind) chilly
out-of-the-way / deserted / unfamiliar / obscure
lit. to pour cold water on / fig. to dampen one's enthusiasm
to blow cold / damping expectations by discouraging or realistic words
to face a thousand pointing fingers with a cool scowl (citation from Lu Xun) / to treat with disdain / to defy
sniper's shot
cold dish / appetizer
Lenghu county level subdivision of Haixi Mongol and Tibetan autonomous prefecture 海西蒙古族藏族自治州, Qinghai
sarcasm / sneering talk
a cold reception / to cold-shoulder sb
to stir-fry leftover rice / fig. to rehash the same story / to serve up the same old product
to show warm feelings but meet with cold rebuke (idiom) / to be snubbed despite showing good intentions
deserted / desolate / unfrequented / cold and cheerless / lonely / in quiet isolation
Florence, city in Italy (Tw)
to pour cold water / fig. to discourage
cold and detached towards sb / lack of regard / indifference / neglect
to know whether others are cold or hot (idiom) / to be very considerate
cold relations (e.g. between countries)
cold cuts
cold and sluggish / chilly
cold plate / cold meats

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