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to accuse wrongly / to treat unjustly / injustice / wronged / not worthwhile
enemy / foe / (in opera) sweetheart or destined love
quarrelsome but loving couple
wasted money / pointless expense
  *冤* | 冤* | *冤
injustice / grievance / wrong
  *冤* | 冤* | *冤
old variant of
lit. enemies on a narrow road (idiom); fig. an inevitable clash between opposing factions
wronged / to suffer false accusations
spendthrift and foolish / sb with more money than sense
unjust, fake and false charges (in a legal case)
miscarriage of justice
unrighted wrong / unredressed injustice
if revenge breeds revenge, will there ever be an end to it? (Buddhist saying)
ghost of one who died unjustly / departed spirit demanding vengeance for grievances
destiny will make enemies meet (idiom) / (often said about lovers who have a disagreement)
to receive unjust treatment / injustice
to be wronged / to be subjected to an injustice
to right wrongs / to redress an injustice
to cry out a grievance
The Injustice to Dou E (popular drama by 關漢卿|关汉卿)
lit. to wash out a grievance / fig. to right a wrong / to redress an injustice
pointless trip / not worth the trip
to die of persecution
facts of an injustice / circumstances surrounding a miscarriage of justice
rancor / enmity / hatred resulting from grievances
unjust charge or verdict / miscarriage of justice / frame-up
for every grievance someone is responsible, for every debt there is a debtor (idiom) / when settling disputes one should not involve third parties
to appeal for justice / to demand redress for a grievance
enemy / foe
unfair treatment / injustice
sin (in Buddhism) / enmity leading to sin / also written 冤孽
sin (in Buddhism) / enmity leading to sin
It is better to squash enmity rather than keeping it alive (proverb)
to complain / to vent one's grievances
enemy (idiom); opponent / arch-enemy
Record of Washed Grievances (1247) by Song Ci 宋慈, said to be the world's first legal forensic text
frustrated / agitated / distressed
to complain bitterly
Black Register of Lost Souls, long novel by Peng Yangou 彭養鷗|彭养鸥 about the destructive influence of opium, published in 1897 and 1909
suffering from injustice
unjust charge / frame-up
pointless expense / not worth the money spent
predestined relationship
to suffer injustice
one who doesn't avenge an injustice is not a gentleman, one who doesn't redress a wrong is not a man (idiom)

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