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  *农* | 农* | *农
surname Nong
  *农* | 农* | *农
peasant / to farm / agriculture / diligent (old) / government field official (old)
  *农* | 农* | *农
variant of 農|农
canon (music) (loanword)
menial programmer (computing)
Gongnong district of Hegang city 鶴崗|鹤岗, Heilongjiang
workers and peasants
Huinong district of Shizuishan city 石嘴山市, Ningxia
Shennong or Farmer God (c. 2000 BC), first of the legendary Flame Emperors, 炎帝 and creator of agriculture
a rich farmer / to stress the importance of agriculture (in ancient philosophy)
fruit farmer
farming / to work the land
vegetable farmer
rich peasant / social class of people farming their own land, intermediate between land-owner class 地主 and poor peasant 貧農|贫农
food and agriculture / grain farmer
Chinese agriculture
to stress the importance of agriculture (in ancient philosophy)
poor peasant
cannon (loanword)
tea grower
dairy farming
flower grower
tenant farmer / sharecropper
melon farmer
Parthenon (Temple on the Acropolis, Athens)
to promote agriculture
poor peasants (in Marxism)
(category defined by the Communist Party) poor and lower-middle peasants: farmers who, before land reform, possessed little or no land (poor peasants) and those who were barely able to support themselves with their own land (lower-middle peasants)
owner peasant / land-holding peasant
sugar cane farmer
Grand Minister of Agriculture in imperial China, one of the Nine Ministers 九卿
semi-tenant peasant / semi-owner peasant

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