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goodbye / see you again later
  *再* | 再* | *再
again / once more / re- / second / another / then (after sth, and not until then) / no matter how ... (followed by an adjective or verb, and then (usually) or for emphasis)
over and over again / again and again
to continue the struggle (idiom); to persist / unremitting efforts
one more time / again / one more / once again
to reappear
to recreate / to reconstruct (a historical relic)
to say again / to put off a discussion until later / moreover / what's more / besides
if not, then / otherwise
to come again
to be reborn / to regenerate / to be a second so-and-so (famous dead person) / recycling / regeneration
to reissue / (of a disease) to recur / (of a patient) to suffer a relapse
once more / once again / one more time
no matter how ...
moreover / besides
(not) any more
to reuse
renewable (resource)
to hear a case again / review / retrial
to reproduce / reproduction
to reuse
to read again / to review (a lesson etc)
couldn't be better / ideal / wonderful
refinancing / restructuring (a loan)
lit. to return to office after living as a hermit on Mount Dongshan (idiom); fig. to make a comeback
to give a new lease of life / to reconstruct / to reform / to rework / to recycle / to reproduce (copies, or offspring) / restoration / restructuring
reinsurance (contractual device spreading risk between insurers)
to remarry
even better
to meet again / until we meet again / goodbye
to remarry (of woman)
second edition / reprint
reconstructive surgery
moreover / besides
to repeat errors / to continue blundering / to make continuous mistakes
regenerative medicine
to expand production / to reproduce on an extended scale
to repeat a crime / persistent offender
Time that has passed will never come back. (idiom)
to renew / to reform
Opportunity knocks but once. (idiom)
a flower may blossom again, but a person cannot get young again (proverb)
to promote again / reappointed
opportunity knocks but once (idiom)
like a second parent (idiom); one's great benefactor
financial reinsurance / fin re
regenerative braking
lit. even a mosquito, though tiny, provides some nourishment (idiom) / fig. it's better than nothing
again and again
to bow again / to bow twice (gesture of respect in former times) / (in letters, an expression of respect)
your favor amounts to being given a new lease on life (idiom)
to reassure
Chen Zaidao (1909-1993), general in the People's Liberation Army
to make more of the same thing / to reproduce / to reprocess / to remanufacture
return what you borrowed on time, you may borrow again next time (idiom)
a replay (of sports match) / a play-off
renewable fuel
recycling industry
weakening and close to exhaustion (idiom); in terminal decline / on one's last legs
to increase / to multiply / to proliferate
to reconstruct / to build another
to keep doing (the wrong thing)
aplastic anemia
refined salt
to arise again / to make a comeback / resurgence
to transfer again
walk-off home run
may be done once and once only / just this once
renewable resource
to re-enter
repeatedly / over and over again
repeatedly / over and over again
closed-circuit rebreather scuba (diving)
reactivation hypothesis
recycled paper
to remarry
no more / no longer
renewable energy source
nonrenewable resource
cash in transit (accountancy)
to reoccur
to reopen / to start again
lit. one's youth will never return / to make the most of one's opportunities (idiom)

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