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to hold concurrent posts / concurrent job / moonlighting
  *兼* | 兼* | *兼
double / twice / simultaneous / holding two or more (official) posts at the same time
to attend simultaneously to two or more things / to balance (career and family, family and education etc)
to combine / to have both
to annex / to take over / to acquire
a second job / supplementary way of making a living
(of a person) beautiful inside and out
to hold several jobs at once / concurrent post / working part-time
have both
to combine / to have both
to travel at double speed / to make all haste
having both integrity and talent (idiom)
excelling both in morals and studies (idiom); top marks for studies and for behavior (at school) / a paragon of virtue and learning
an overall plan taking into account all factors
holding two jobs simultaneously
electromagnetic compatibility
completely compatible
using several (methods)
incorporating diverse things (idiom) / eclectic / all-embracing
use both carrot and stick / use gentle methods and force / an iron hand in a velvet glove
"universal love", principle advocated by Mozi 墨子, stressing that people should care for everyone equally
an all-rounder / good at everything
to have both (at the same time)
to travel day and night
to include and monopolize many things / all-embracing
to teach classes in addition to other duties / to hold several teaching jobs
mutually compatible
mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
lit. the fish and the bear's paw, you can't have both at the same time (idiom, from Mencius); fig. you must choose one or the other / you can't always get everything you want / you can't have your cake and eat it
to moonlight / side job
to adequately take into account both public and private interests
to contain two things at a time / to mingle / to incorporate
to employ both kindness and severity (idiom)
talent in both military and civil field (idiom)

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