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to cultivate / to breed / to foster / to nurture / to educate / to groom (for a position) / education / fostering / culture (biology)
nutrition / nourishment / CL: 種|种
to take good care of (or conserve) one's health / to keep in good repair / to maintain / maintenance
  *养* | 养* | *养
to raise (animals) / to bring up (children) / to keep (pets) / to support / to give birth
(personal) accomplishment / attainment in self-cultivation
to feed (a child, domestic animal etc) / to keep / to raise (an animal)
to raise / to rear
accomplishment / training / self-cultivation
to foster / to bring up / to raise
breast feeding
to nourish
to take in and care for (an elderly person, a dog etc) / to adopt (a child) / adoption
domestic (animals) / home reared
to support / to provide support for / to maintain
to supply / to provide for one's elders / to support one's parents
to make offerings (to the Gods)
to get well / to heal / to recuperate / to convalesce / convalescence / to nurse
cell culture
to breed (livestock, fish, crops etc) / to grow / to raise
to conserve (e.g. water) / self-restraint / self-possession
adoption / to adopt (a child)
to take care of (sb's health) / to nurse
to foster / to bring up / to raise
to train / to educate / to bring up / to nurture / education / culture / upbringing / early conditioning
to recuperate / to recover / to convalesce
free-range raising (of poultry, cattle etc)
to provide for / to keep (a mistress)
to domesticate / to raise and train
to place in the care of sb (a child, pet etc) / to foster / to board out
self-sustaining / economically independent (of state aid, foreign subsidy etc)
to sponsor / to adopt (pledge to give sb or sth one's special attention or support) / to adopt (choose to raise a child or animal as one's own)
to raise (animals)
pampered and spoiled since childhood
to nourish / to nurture / to strengthen
to foster / to provide care (esp. for the elderly)
reeducation through labor
to keep (an animal) / to look after the needs of (a person or an animal) / (fig.) to keep (a spy, lackey etc) in one's pay
to bring up (children) / to raise / to bear
to support sb with official pay
to convalesce / to recuperate / to fully relax
to take a tonic or nourishing food to build up one's health
to place out for adoption
adopt (a child)
to spoil / to indulge sb (usu. a child)
to look after (elderly parents) / to serve / to support
to raise (animals)
feed / rear
free-range (breeding livestock or poultry)
Evian, mineral water company (Tw)

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