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altogether; in sum; in all; in total
public; common; communal
  *共* | 共* | *共
common / general / to share / together / total / altogether / abbr. for 共產黨|共产党, Communist party
abbr. for 中國共產黨|中国共产党, Chinese Communist Party
to experience together with sb
altogether / in total
Chinese Nationalist Party 國民黨|国民党 and Chinese Communist Party 共產黨|共产党
Communist Party of Vietnam / Viet Cong
(of friends or partners) to share both the honor and the disgrace (idiom)
altogether / in sum
Soviet Communist Party / abbr. for 蘇聯共產黨|苏联共产党
(Tw) (neologism c. 2010) to speak one's mind directly (face to face with the person with whom one has an issue) (from Taiwanese 出來講, Tai-lo pr. [tshut-lâi kóng], with "tshut-lâi" pronounced in contracted form as "tshòai")
to take down a confession
(coll.) commie (derog., used by the KMT) / CCP, the party of the people (used by CCP supporters) / pro-Beijing camp (HK) / (abbr.) Communist Party of Turkey / Communist Party of Turkmenistan
mini bus (used for public transportation)
to fear the Communists
to stick together through thick and thin (idiom)

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