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common / joint / jointly / together / collaborative
altogether / in sum / in all / in total
to sum up to / to total
resonance (physics) / sympathetic response to sth
to share / to enjoy together
  *共* | 共* | *共
common / general / to share / together / total / altogether / abbr. for 共產黨|共产党, Communist party
abbr. for 中國共產黨|中国共产党, Chinese Communist Party
public / common / communal
to have altogether / in all
commons / public use
common understanding / consensus
People's Republic of China
public facilities / infrastructure
republic / republicanism
Communist Party of China
Czech Republic
Republic of Macedonia (former Yugoslav republic)
altogether / in sum
Communist Party
mutual fund
public health
public administration
peaceful coexistence of nations, societies etc
to ride together / to carpool
public relations
in common / universal
public transport / mass transit
common ground
nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)
Republican Party
1992 Consensus, statement issued after 1992 talks between PRC and Taiwan representatives, asserting that there is only one China
to work together
to take down a confession
Communist Party member
to cooperate on a great undertaking or joint project
Kyōdō, Japanese news agency
mutually profitable / win-win
(coll.) commie (derog., used by the KMT) / CCP, the party of the people (used by CCP supporters) / pro-Beijing camp (HK) / (abbr.) Communist Party of Turkey / Communist Party of Turkmenistan
to coexist
a Republican party member
to discuss together
to share the bed / (fig.) to be married
confocal (math.)
Soviet Communist Party / abbr. for 蘇聯共產黨|苏联共产党
God of Water
Chinese Nationalist Party 國民黨|国民党 and Chinese Communist Party 共產黨|共产党
mini bus (used for public transportation)
resonance (physics)
Republic of Andorra
to fear the Communists
to coexist / to get along (with others)
Chinese Civil War, also known as War of Liberation 解放戰爭|解放战争
communist (adjective) / communism / to collectivize ownership of property
Communist Party of Vietnam / Viet Cong
anyone with eyes can see it (idiom); obvious to all / sth speaks for itself / is there for all to see
shared delights and common hardships (idiom); to share life's joys and sorrows / for better or for worse
Republic of Croatia
Dominican Republic (Tw)
public utility / state-run enterprise / public foundation or enterprise, often charitable
Communist Party / abbr. for 共產黨|共产党
Democratic Republic of Congo
to scheme together / to conspire / joint plan / conspiracy
to work together / to collaborate
to administer jointly
joint project / partnership
Central African Republic
common-mode (electronics)
public interest
something that everybody knows
the Communist Youth League, abbr. for 共產主義青年團|共产主义青年团
public order
conjugate (math.) / conjugation
United Front (either of the two alliances between the Guomindang and the Communist Party, 1923-1927 and 1937-1945)
public property
common interest / mutual benefit
public holiday
Communist International or Comintern (1919-1943), also known as the Third International 第三國際|第三国际
commonality / universality
collective karma (Buddhism) / consequences that all must suffer
synchronic / concurrent
can be enjoyed by scholars and lay-people alike (idiom)
communist bandit (i.e. PLA soldier (during the civil war) or Chinese communist (Tw))
public organization
(of enemies) cannot live under the same sky / absolutely irreconcilable
Republic of Ireland
Dominican Republic
lit. remarkable work appreciated by all (idiom); universally praised (original meaning) / incomprehensible nonsense / preposterous bullshit
Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, abbr. for 中國共產黨中央委員會|中国共产党中央委员会

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