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  *兩* | 兩* | *兩
two / both / some / a few / tael, unit of weight equal to 50 grams (modern) or 1⁄16 of a catty (old)
bilateral / both shores / both sides / both coasts / Taiwan and mainland
male and female / both types (acid and alkaline, positive and negative etc) / (chemistry) amphoteric
both sides
two kinds / difference
both countries / two countries
either side / both sides
two sides / both sides
both ends / both parties to a deal
twice / for a little while
dilemma / quandary / to face a difficult choice
one country, two systems (PRC proposal regarding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan)
National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
both ends (of a stick etc) / two extremes
one's two hands / two prongs (of a strategy) / both aspects, eventualities etc / skills / expertise
both sides / either side
two or three
the two poles / the north and south poles / both ends of sth / electric or magnetic poles
both sides suffer (idiom) / neither side wins
husband and wife
amphibious / dual-talented / able to work in two different lines
in a few words (idiom); expressed succinctly
the year 2000 / 2000 years
to be a different person / not to be one's usual self
two distinct things
(coll.) young married couple
two chambers (of legislative assembly), e.g. House of Representatives and Senate
(of a couple) to be harmonious / to be each other's sunshine
to satisfy rival demands (idiom) / to get the best of both worlds / to have it both ways / to have one's cake and eat it too
Han dynasty (206 BC-220 AD) / refers to the Western Han and Eastern Han
twice as much / double the amount
(say) a few words
silver currency / currency of the Qing dynasty based on the silver tael 兩|两
one move, two gains (idiom); two birds with one stone
innocent playmates
two quite different things / two unrelated matters
repeatedly (idiom)
lit. four ounces can move a thousand catties (idiom) / fig. to achieve much with little effort
lit. two segments with a single cut (idiom) / fig. to make a clean break (idiom)
empty-handed (idiom); fig. not receiving anything
two quite different things / another kettle of fish
the Song dynasty (960-1279) / refers to the Northern (960-1127) and Southern Song (1128-1279)
weight / (fig.) importance
no room to advance or to retreat (idiom); without any way out of a dilemma / trapped / in an impossible situation
the two provinces of Guangdong and Guangxi (traditional)
both parties (to a lawsuit) / plaintiff and defendant
the latter two
amphibious (vehicle)
(coll.) to feel as though one's head could explode (Tw)
lit. one body two sides (idiom) / fig. a situation with two sides to it
both sides (in contract) / the two opposing sides (in a dispute)
lit. twice every three days (idiom); practically every day / frequently
to coexist / coexistence
lit. family members speak frankly with one another, not courteously, as if they were from two different families (idiom) / fig. people don't need to be deferential when they ask a family member for help / people from the same family should stick together (and good friends likewise)
class Amphibia / amphibians
in twos and threes
heaven and earth / yin and yang
to satisfy both sides / to accommodate both (demands)
the two cannot exist together (idiom); irreconcilable differences / incompatible standpoints
(Cantonese cuisine) zhaliang, rice noodle rolls 腸粉|肠粉 stuffed with youtiao 油條|油条
the areas to the north and south of the Yellow River (in the Spring and Autumn Period) / Mesopotamia
lit. both sleeves flowing in the breeze (idiom); having clean hands / uncorrupted / unsoiled by corrupt practices
equivocal / ambiguous
unexpected misfortune / unexpected accident / sudden death
not much to choose between the two / tweedledum and tweedledee
old married couple
PRC Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS)
lit. knifes piercing both sides (idiom) / fig. to attach a great importance to friendship, up to the point of being able to sacrifice oneself for it
bilateral talks
amphibian / amphibious animals
Chinese unit of weight equivalent to 50 grams
Mesopotamian civilization
equality between the sexes
(of marriage or business partners) to break up (idiom) / to separate
hermaphrodite creature
lit. to fish for three days and sun-dry the nets for two days (proverb) / fig. not to persevere in doing sth / to do sth by fits and starts
the two cannot exist together (idiom); irreconcilable differences / incompatible standpoints
ability / skill
to have a foot in both camps / to have a bet each way / to be having an affair
lit. 300 silver taels not hidden here (idiom); fig. to reveal what one intends to hide
two tigers fighting (idiom); fierce contest between evenly matched adversaries
both sides
two-faced person / double-dealing
bipod (supporting a machine gun etc)
loss of life and property / to lose the beauty and her possessions
both sides
two-phase (physics)
lit. to stand with each foot in a different boat (idiom) / fig. to have it both ways / to run after two hares / (especially) to have two lovers at the same time
to have real skill / to know one's stuff
Hubei 湖北 and Hunan 湖南 provinces
a couple of times / to repeat the same / the same old trick / tricks of the trade
lit. Shu Han 蜀漢|蜀汉 and Cao Wei 曹魏 cannot coexist (idiom) / fig. two enemies cannot live under the same sky / (former KMT slogan against CCP) "gentlemen and thieves cannot coexist"
British imperial ounce (old)
two-faced, three knives (idiom); double-cross / double dealing and back stabbing
to pay no attention to outside matters
two tigers fight (idiom); fig. a dispute between two powerful adversaries / a battle of the giants
Liangdang county in Longnan 隴南|陇南, Gansu

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