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entire / total / global / the (whole) world / worldwide
safe / secure / safety / security
  *全* | 全* | *全
surname Quan
  *全* | 全* | *全
all / whole / entire / every / complete
whole nation / nationwide / countrywide / national
all-around / comprehensive / total / overall
whole / entire / complete
all-inclusive / complete / comprehensive collection
omnibus / complete works (of a writer or artist)
entire text / full text
complete / whole / totally / entirely
complete picture / full view
all new / completely new
all / entire
complete / comprehensive
panoramic view
whole city
entire book / unabridged book / entire multi-volume work / comprehensive volume
the whole distance / from beginning to end
entire population (of a country)
encyclopedia / CL: ,
the whole year / all year long
with all one's strength / full strength / all-out (effort) / fully (support)
omnipotent / all-round / strong in every area
plenary session (at a conference) / CL: 屆|届
worldwide / entire world
everyone present / the whole audience / across-the-board / unanimously / whole duration (of a competition or match)
an entire set / full complement
full-time job
every part of the country
full name
abbr. for 全國人大會議|全国人大会议, National People's Congress (NPC)
national security
whole family
whole body / em (typography)
security / safety
safety issue / security issue
whole edition / whole performance (of Chinese opera)
all-army / all-military
the whole front (in a war) / the whole length (of a road or railway line)
robust / sound
overall length / span
complete personnel / fully manned
overall situation
(Chinese) National People's Congress / abbr. to 人大
general congress / meeting of the whole committee
national general congress / Communist party national congress, in recent times every five years
Quanzhou county in Guilin 桂林, Guangxi
safety net
Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (abbr. of 全國人民代表大會常務委員會|全国人民代表大会常务委员会)
global / worldwide
all / without exception
total victory / to excel by far / name of a tank / slam
to do at all costs / to make an all-out effort
third plenum of a national congress of the Chinese Communist Party
heart and soul / wholeheartedly
to save from damage / to preserve / to maintain / to keep in good repair / (Tw) security guard
Standing Committee of the National People's Congress
full text search
with everything needed available
Tianquan county in Ya'an 雅安, Sichuan
seat belt / safety belt
to spare no effort (idiom); to do one's utmost
Four Comprehensives (political guidelines announced by President Xi Jinping, 2015)
safety airbag (auto.)
to help sb accomplish his aim / to help sb succeed / to complete / to make whole / to round off
safety feature / security measure
full powers / total authority / plenipotentiary powers
full-time attendance at work
every kind / every variety under the sun / a complete gamut
security bureau
thorough / to bring one's help / to assist
safety valve
overall / comprehensive
Quanjiao county in Chuzhou 滁州, Anhui
All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU)
Major Historical and Cultural Site Protected at the National Level
Wanquan county in Zhangjiakou 張家口|张家口, Hebei
absolutely safe / surefire / thorough
Quannan county in Ganzhou 贛州|赣州, Jiangxi
Siku Quanshu (collection of books compiled during Qing dynasty)
completely compatible
general practitioner
personal safety
PRC Ministry of State Security
complete and beautiful / to be perfect (idiom)
the entire sum / the whole amount
flourishing / at the peak / in full bloom
National Security Bureau (NSB) (Tw) / National Security Agency (NSA) (USA)
to satisfy both sides / to accommodate both (demands)
fully armed / armed to the teeth / fig. fully equipped
overall excellence

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