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to take in / income / revenue / CL: 筆|笔, 個|个
entrance / to import
to import / to input
to throw into / to put into / to throw oneself into / to participate in / to invest in / absorbed / engrossed
to sink into / to get caught up in / to land in (a predicament)
to become a member / to join / to mix into / to participate in / to add in
  *入* | 入* | *入
to enter / to go into / to join / to become a member of / to confirm or agree with / abbr. for 入聲|入声
to enter / to join / to go into
to log in (to a computer) / to enter (data)
to begin / to set one's hand to
to penetrate deeply / thorough
entrance door / to enter a door / introduction (to a subject) / to learn the basics of a subject
to enter a school or college / to go to school for the first time as a child
to enter hospital / to be hospitalized
to make (military) incursions / to invade / to intrude into / to trespass / to gain unauthorized access (computing)
to pour into / to empty into
to insert / to embed
to insert; to stick in; to plug in
to access (a network) / to insert (a plug) into (a socket)
to step into / to enter
to draw into / to pull into / to introduce
to include on a list
to go out and come in / entrance and exit / expenditure and income / discrepancy / inconsistent
to flow into / to drift into / influx / inflow
to introduce into / to channel / to lead / to guide into / to import (data)
to intervene / to get involved
to be chosen / to be elected as
to blend into / to integrate / to assimilate / to merge
to bring into / to channel into / to integrate into / to incorporate
to invade
to invest
to breathe in / to suck in / to inhale
to put in / to insert
to submerge / to infiltrate / to steal into
to change over to; to shift to; to switch to
to enter a country
to be drawn into / to be involved in
to enter the venue for a meeting / to enter into an examination / to enter a stadium, arena etc
to input (computer) / to type
to obtain a residence permit
to join a political party (esp. the Communist Party)
to import / transmitted inwards / afferent
to fall asleep
to cut into / to incise / to penetrate deeply into (a topic, area etc) / cut (offensive moves in basketball)
to become naturalized / to become a citizen
access / admittance
to implant
to get past the qualifying round / to make it to the finals
to enchant / fascinating
to drop into / to fall into
to come pouring in / influx
to enter a park or other place for public recreation (typically, one whose name ends in 園|园: a zoo 動物園|动物园, amusement park 遊樂園|游乐园 etc) / to enrol in a kindergarten 幼兒園|幼儿园 / to start going to kindergarten
to take in / to absorb / to consume / intake / consumption
to bring in / to call in / to transfer (a person, data) / (computing) to call / to load (a subroutine etc)
to appear before one's eyes / pleasing to the eye / nice to look at
to enter deeply into people's hearts / to have a real impact on the people (idiom)
disposable income
to enroll in the Communist Youth League
to explain a complicated subject matter in simple terms (idiom) / (of language) simple and easy to understand
to join a society, association etc
to go to jail / to be sent to prison
to permeate
to enter the army / to enlist
to soak / to dip
lit. to go up to heaven or down to Hades (idiom) / fig. to go to great lengths / to search heaven and earth
to merge into / to incorporate in
to merge into / to incorporate in
to go and live with one's wife's family, in effect becoming a member of her family
down to the smallest detail / thoroughgoing / fine and detailed
to engage with secular society / to involve oneself in human affairs / to join the WTO (abbr. for 加入世界貿易組織|加入世界贸易组织)
to join a group / to become a member
to be enthralled / to be entranced
to include (in a list etc) / to assign (to a class, a work unit etc)
to seat (sb in a restaurant etc) / to take one's seat
to take one's seat according to the ticket number / (fig.) to put (things or people) in their right place / to take a general comment as a personal attack
to be fascinated / to be enchanted
to pass entrance exam / to enter college after a competitive exam
to force entrance into / to score a goal (sport)
to key in / to input
to hate sb to the bone (idiom)
from the cradle to the grave (idiom); to go through fire and water / brave / willing to risk life and limb
invasive species
to bury / buried / interred
to insert / to implant / to embed / to introduce (a new element) into
to put dead body in coffin
to reach perfection (idiom); a superb artistic achievement
lit. to get shackled and thrown in jail (idiom) / fig. to be put behind bars / to get jailed
to march straight in unchallenged (military) (idiom) / (fig.) to push deep into the heart of sth / to flood in
average income
to squeeze in / to force oneself into / to cram into / to intrude
input system / data entry system
to snub / to consign to the trash heap of history
to move in (to new lodging)
from the main room, enter the inner chamber (idiom) / to go to the next level / to attain a higher level
to re-enter
to enter a pass / to go through customs
Do not enter! (road sign)
to use in medicine
to get straight to the point (idiom)

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