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  *党* | 党* | *党
party / association / club / society / CL: 個|个
Ku Klux Klan / KKK
Communist Party
  *党* | 党* | *党
surname Dang
to join a political party (esp. the Communist Party)
party member
Party committee
history of the Party
to form a clique
Party and government administration
political party / CL: 個|个
party leadership group
Guomindang or Kuomintang (KMT) / Nationalist Party
party constitution
political party emblem
within the party (esp. Chinese communist party)
Liberal Democratic Party (Japanese political party)
party affairs / work within the Communist party
the spirit or character of a political party
faction leader / head of political party
political party / faction
party congress (of the Communist Party of China)
New Party (Republic of China)
poor man's ginseng (Codonopsis pilosula) / codonopsis root (used in TCM)
party membership
member of the same party / member of the same group / accomplice
best friends / inseparable sidekick / diehard followers
to betray one's party / to defect (from the communist party) / renegade faction
Indian Congress party
worker's party / labor party
party membership dues
to withdraw from a political party
Workers' Party (Singapore opposition party)
party standing / age of service to the Party
to usurp the leadership of the party
Tangut branch of the Qiang ethnic group / ancient ethnic group who made up the Xixia dynasty 西夏 1038-1227
(idiom) to form a clique for self-serving purposes
worldwide green parties
remnants (of a defeated clique) / rump
to be narrowly partisan / to unite with those of the same views but alienate those with different views
to leave a political party; to give up party membership
Social Democratic party
anti-Qing secret societies
socialist party
(political) party school
(political) party platform / party program
clique member / henchman / gang member / crony
party caucus
party member / partisan
a skulk of foxes, a pack of dogs (idiom) / a gang of rogues
Baath Party
Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China
Manifesto of the Communist Party / "Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei" by Marx and Engels (1848)
one-party (state)
fifty cents party (person supposed to relay government propaganda on Internet sites)
opposition (political) party
DPP (Democratic Progressive Party, Taiwan) / abbr. to 民進黨|民进党
one party dictatorship
Communist Party of China
Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, abbr. to 中共中央
Revolutionary Committee of the Kuomintang
New Democracy Party of China, a short-lived party founded in 2007 by human rights activist Guo Quan, who was jailed in 2009
(PRC) China Zhi Gong Party, one of the eight legally recognized minor political parties following the direction of the CCP
Central Party School, China's highest institution specifically for training Party cadres, founded in 1933
the rebel party
People's alliance party / Bengali Awami league
People's Action Party (ruling party in Singapore)
People's party (of various countries)
Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party
conservative political parties
National Congress Party (Sudan)
the (communist) party and the army together (idiom)
two-party system
Republican Party
a Republican party member
Communist Party member
Communist Party (abbr. for 共產黨|共产党)
band of accomplice
online shopaholic
Bharatiya Janata Party
Indian Congress party
Guomindang 國民黨|国民党 and Chinese Communist Party 共產黨|共产党
nationalist forces
opposition party
ruling party / the party in power
Christian democratic party
majority party
multiparty system
multiparty election
South Korean Grand national party
princelings, descendants of senior communist officials (PRC)
Funcinpec (royalist Cambodian political party)

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