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  *先* | 先* | *先
early / prior / former / in advance / first
advanced (technology) / to advance
to have priority / to take precedence
to lead / to be in front
first (of all) / in the first place
Mister (Mr.)
teacher / husband / doctor (dialect) / CL:
vanguard / pioneer / avant-garde
early or late / priority / in succession / one after another
to precede others / in advance
in advance / before the event / beforehand / prior
guide / forerunner / pioneer
to rush (to do sth urgent) / to try to be the first / to forestall
before / previously
beforehand / in advance
to take the lead / to show initiative
lead(ing) position
advanced level
inborn / innate / natural
(official accolade) advanced individual / exemplary individual
order of priority / sequential order
preferred stock
priority / sth advocated first / refers to ancient tradition: Worship the river first, then the sea.
to come first / previous / prior / beforehand / first / formerly
congenital / intrinsic / innateness
to compete to be first / to contest first place
martyr to the revolution
key moment / decisive opportunity
elders / former generations
(official accolade) advanced team / exemplary group
pre-Qin, Chinese history up to the foundation of the Qin imperial dynasty in 221 BC
prerequisite / precondition
precondition / prerequisite
in advance / beforehand / premature / front-end
ancestor / forebears
Young Pioneers of China, abbr. for 少年先鋒隊|少年先锋队
a long way in front / to lead by a wide margin
Young Pioneers of China (primary school league, a preparation for Communist Youth League) / abbr. to 少先隊|少先队
daring vanguard / pioneer / leading figure
shilling (loanword)
striving to be first and fearing to be last (idiom); outdoing one another
initial / arising first / same as 首先發起|首先发起
first come first served
previously / before
ancestors / previous generations / my late father
to gain the initiative by striking first (idiom); to preempt / to anticipate / preemptive
prior / preexisting
deceased grandfather / ancestry
preliminary notification / to announce in advance
to take the lead
To do a good job, an artisan needs the best tools (idiom). Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job
To do a good job, an artisan needs the best tools (idiom). Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job
antecedent / precedent
strike first and gain the upper hand (idiom, martial arts term); Making the first move is an advantage.
joy of first experience (idiom) / the pleasure of reading sth for the first time
of all virtues filial piety is most important (idiom)
Mr. Bean (TV)
worthy predecessor / distinguished person of the past / former sage
lit. first impression is strongest
Mr Goody-goody / yes-man (sb who agrees with anything)
to gain the upper hand by a show of strength
predictable / sth one can predict without being a clairvoyant
to dare to be first / to pioneer (idiom)
the guilty party files the suit / the thief cries thief
Ladies first!
to take precedence
congenital deficiency / inherent weakness
famous and virtuous ancestors / the great men of the past
foresight / prescience
at first / in the beginning
herald / precursor / harbinger
the quick-footed climb up first (idiom) / the early bird catches the worm / first come, first served
lit. the clumsy bird flies early (idiom); fig. to work hard to compensate for one's limited abilities
a priori (philosophy)
the way of former kings
deceased paternal grandmother
foresight / having foresight / person of foresight
feng shui master / geomancer / stock figure in folk tales, as a wise adviser or a charlatan
lit. the duck is the first to know if the spring water is warm (idiom) / fig. an expert in the field knows which way the wind blows
the pavilion closest to the water enjoys moonlight first (idiom) / to benefit from intimacy with an influential person
"Mr Democracy", phrase used during the May 4th Movement 五四運動|五四运动 / abbr. for 德謨克拉西|德谟克拉西 / see also 賽先生|赛先生
(dialect) first of all / in the first place
Bai Xianyong (1937-), Chinese-Taiwanese-US novelist of Hui descent
in order of arrival / first come, first served
to age prematurely
The first concern is affairs of state, enjoying the pleasure comes later. Quotation from essay On Yueyang Tower 岳陽樓記|岳阳楼记 by Song writer Fan Zhongyan 范仲淹
the music of former kings
advance party / advance troops
before the troops move, fodder and provisions go first (idiom); logistics comes before military maneuvers / an army marches on its stomach

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