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element / element of a set / chemical element
chemical element
rare earth element (chemistry)
light element (such as hydrogen)
lanthanoid (rare earth series), namely: lanthanum La57 鑭|镧, cerium Ce58 鈰|铈, praseodymium Pr59 鐠|镨, neodymium Nd60 釹|钕, promethium Pm61 鉕|钷, samarium Sm62 釤|钐, europium Eu63 銪|铕, gadolinium Gd64 釓|钆, terbium Tb65 鋱|铽, dysprosium Dy66 鏑|镝, holmium Ho67 鈥|钬, erbium Er68 鉺|铒, thulium Tm69 銩|铥, ytterbium Yb70 鐿|镱, lutetium Lu71 鑥|镥
actinoids (rare earth series), namely: actinium Ac89 錒|锕, thorium Th90 釷|钍, protoactinium Pa91 鏷|镤, uranium U92 鈾|铀, neptunium Ne93 鎿|镎, plutonium Pu94 鈈|钚, americium Am95 鎇|镅, curium Cm96 鋦|锔, berkelium Bk97 錇|锫, californium Cf98 鐦|锎, einsteinium Es99 鎄|锿, fermium Fm100 鐨|镄, mendelevium Md101 鍆|钔, nobelium No102 鍩|锘, lawrencium Lr103 鐒|铹
heavy element (such as uranium)
trace element (chemistry)
trace element (nutrition)

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