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  *傻* | 傻* | *傻
idiot / fool
idiot / fool
stunned / struck dumb / flabbergasted
variant of 傻屄
to terrify / to scare sb
(Internet slang) sweet, naive young woman
to giggle / to laugh foolishly / to smirk / to simper
stupid young fellow / idiot
foolishness / nonsense / foolish
to play the fool (idiom) / to feign madness
feeble-minded / dim-witted
variant of 傻屄
to act stupid / to pretend to be naive
point-and-shoot camera / compact camera
see 傻叉
to play stupid / to act like an idiot
to be foolish / to play dumb / to gaze absentmindedly
idiot / blockhead / clod / oaf
fortune favors fools (idiom) / fool's luck
fool / blockhead
fool / idiot / foolish / stupid
foolish talk / nonsense
stupid / foolish / dull-witted
foolish / stupid
staring stupidly / petrified
a fool
stupid / dazed
stupid great hulk of a man
idiot / fool / foolish
erhua variant of 傻帽
stupid cunt (vulgar) / also written 傻逼
stupid / foolish

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