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  *偷* | 偷* | *偷
to steal / to pilfer / to snatch / thief / stealthily
to peep / to peek / to steal a glance
to take a picture of a person without permission or without their knowledge
to substitute on the sly
to skimp on the job and stint on materials (idiom) / jerry-building / sloppy work
to mount a sneak attack / to raid
to engage in fraudulent activities (idiom) / skulduggery / to hoodwink people / to cheat sb audaciously
to goof off / to be lazy
to eat on the sly / to pilfer food / to be unfaithful
to peep / to peek / to act as voyeur
to laugh up one's sleeve
to smuggle
to poach
surreptitious; sneaky
to cheat on one's spouse / to have an affair
to drift and live without purpose (idiom); to drag out an ignoble existence
to eavesdrop / to monitor (secretly)
to steal / to pilfer
to steal
tax evasion
stealthily / secretly / covertly / furtively / on the sly
lit. to steal a rafter and replace it with a column / to replace the original with a fake / to perpetrate a fraud (idiom)
to live without purpose
to imitate the dog and steal chicken (idiom) / to pilfer / to dally with women / to have affairs
lit. stolen scent, pilfered jade (idiom); philandering / secret illicit sex
to snatch a moment of leisure / to take a break from work / also written 偷閒|偷闲
to snatch a moment of leisure / to take a break from work
lit. to pierce the wall to steal a light (idiom) / fig. to study diligently in the face of hardship
to take some time out / to make use of a spare moment
to shirk responsibility / thoughtless pleasure-seeking
to bear humiliation to save one's skin (idiom)
seeking only ease and comfort (idiom); making no attempt to improve oneself / taking things easily without attending to responsibilities
to evade (taxes)
to take a furtive look at
habitual thief
to carry on a clandestine love affair
to skimp on the job / to avoid work
to dump illegally
to steal / to make off with / stolen
to surreptitiously add (sth that shouldn't be there)
to steal
to skive off work / to be lazy
illegal immigration / to stowaway (on a ship) / to steal across the international border / to run a blockade
to be law-abiding (idiom)
much worse than having something stolen is when a thief has you in his sights (idiom)
smuggled illegal alien / stowaway
(of a woman) to take a lover
(of a woman) to take a lover
voyeur / peeping tom
lit. to try to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it (idiom) / fig. to try to gain an advantage only to end up worse off / to go for wool and come back shorn
to bear humiliation to save one's skin (idiom)
"monkey steals the peach" (martial arts), distracting an opponent with one hand and seizing his testicles with the other / (coll.) grabbing sb by the balls

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