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value / worth / fig. values (ethical, cultural etc) / CL: 個|个
(Tw) value for money / bang for your buck
  *值* | 值* | *值
value / (to be) worth / to happen to / to be on duty
to appreciate (financially) / to increase in value / value-added (accountancy)
to recharge (money onto a card)
great value / well worthwhile
(computing, math.) to assign (a value) / assignment
numerical value
market capitalization / market value
to rise in value / to appreciate
least value / minimum
value of output / output value
average value
worthless (idiom) / no use whatsoever
total value
peak value
face value / par value
(Tw) to put money into (a stored-value card or pre-paid phone account) / to top up
interpolation (math.)
to become devaluated / to devaluate / to depreciate
of equal value
present value
maxima and minima / extremum
numerical value of electrical impedance
attractiveness index (rating of how good-looking sb is)
value of a currency
to take turns on duty
negative value (math.)
commodity value
calorific value
(math.) to evaluate (an expression, function etc) / evaluation
to be on duty
net value / net worth
par value / face value (of a bond)
not worth a penny / utterly worthless
just at that time / as it happens / by good luck, just then
nominal value
pitch of tones
phonetic value
usable value
value (of goods)
real-valued (math.) / taking real numbers as values (of a function)
valuation / estimation
eigenvalue (math.) / also written 特徵值|特征值
average value
eigenvalue (math.)
not worth
gross domestic production (GDP) / total output value
exchange value
fair value (accounting)
(economics) surplus value
to recharge (money onto a card) (Tw)
cetane number (quality of light diesel fuel, measured by its ignition delay)
gross domestic product (GDP)
gross national product (GNP)
value added (accountancy)
multivalued (math.)
to hedge (one's bets) / to defend against risk
real-valued (math.) / taking real numbers as values (of a function)
practical value
value deduced by calculation / derived value
expectations / (math) expected value
maximum value
just at the time of / honest / upright / (math.) positive value
net present value (NPV)
null value (in a relational database)
absolute value
Economic value added, EVA
gross calorific value
gross product / total output
medicinal value
(gaming) action points (points required to complete an action) / (Tw) action level (the level of concentration of a harmful substance at which remedial action is considered necessary)
property value
currency devaluation / to devaluate a currency
value of assets
octane rating
pH (chemistry)
added-value (accountancy)
rating (for power output, flame resistance etc)

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