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to be worth / to deserve
value / worth / fig. values (ethical, cultural etc) / CL: 個|个
to recharge (money onto a card)
  *值* | 值* | *值
value / (to be) worth / to happen to / to be on duty
to appreciate (financially) / to increase in value / value-added (accountancy)
numerical value
attractiveness index (rating of how good-looking sb is)
net value / net worth
system of values
market capitalization / market value
least value / minimum
specific value / ratio
valuation / estimation
total value
face value / par value
absolute value
to be worth mentioning
peak value
value-added tax (VAT)
valuable / costly / expensive
(math.) to evaluate (an expression, function etc) / evaluation
to work a shift / on duty
average value
(airline) check-in / to check in
value of output / output value
added-value (accountancy)
present value
usable value
gross domestic production (GDP) / total output value
notable / noteworthy / merit attention
image (or range) of a function (math.)
maxima and minima / extremum
rechargeable card / to recharge a card
of little value
just at the time of / honest / upright / (math.) positive value
negative value (math.)
practical value
medicinal value
(Tw) to put money into (a stored-value card or pre-paid phone account) / to top up
gross product / total output
to recharge (money onto a card) (Tw)
to rise in value / to appreciate
numerical value of electrical impedance
eigenvalue (math.)
not worth
maximum value
gross domestic product (GDP)
value added (accountancy)
to become devaluated / to devaluate / to depreciate
multivalued (math.)
of equal value
worthless (idiom) / no use whatsoever
fair value (accounting)
interpolation (math.)
value engineering
value (of goods)
expectations / (math) expected value
great value / well worthwhile
on day duty
calorific value
commodity value
gross national product (GNP)
Economic value added, EVA
surplus value
rating (for power output, flame resistance etc)
numerical analysis (math.)
to be on duty
net present value (NPV)
on this (occasion) / at this time when ... / on this occasion
value of assets
property value
stored-value card / prepaid card (telephone, transport etc)
to hedge (one's bets) / to defend against risk
mean value theorem (in calculus)
truth table
numerical solution
deserving / worthy of respect / estimable
worthless (idiom) / no use whatsoever
to take turns on duty
student on duty / prefect
magnitude of value / labor value (in economics, the labor inherent in a commodity)
exchange value
value of a currency
invaluable / priceless
not worth a penny / utterly worthless
currency devaluation / to devaluate a currency
variant of 執勤|执勤
just at that time / as it happens / by good luck, just then
values / standards
(of a security guard etc) to be on duty, keeping an eye on things / to keep watch
cost-performance ratio (Tw)
value deduced by calculation / derived value
multivalued function (math.)
real-valued (math.) / taking real numbers as values (of a function)

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