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  *倒* | 倒* | *倒
to fall / to collapse / to lie horizontally / to overthrow / to fail / to go bankrupt / to change (trains or buses) / to move around / to resell at a profit
  *倒* | 倒* | *倒
to place upside down / to invert / to pour / to throw out / to move backwards / however / actually / as a matter of fact / contrary to expectation
to have bad luck / to be out of luck
to fall down / to slip and fall / to throw sb to the ground
to go bankrupt / to close down
to turn upside down / to reverse / back to front / confused / deranged / crazy
to count down / countdown
contrary to what one might expect / actually / contrariwise / why don't you
to count backwards (from 10 down to 0) / to count down / from the bottom (lines on a page) / from the back (rows of seats)
inverse number / reciprocal (math.)
reverse order / inverted order
to change buses, trains etc
to reverse (a vehicle) / to drive backwards
to knock down / knocked down
to collapse / to topple over
to faint / to swoon / to black out / to become unconscious
but on the contrary / but expectedly
inverted image / reversed image (e.g. upside down)
to push over / to overthrow
to tumble / to fall / fig. to suffer a reverse (in politics or business)
to collapse (of building) / to topple over
to topple over / to greatly admire
to dump / to pour / to empty out
to overthrow / to knock down / Down with ... !
to overwhelm / to overpower / overwhelming
a handstand / to turn upside down / to stand on one's head / upside down
to fall down
to fall back / to go in reverse
to flow backwards / reverse flow
to resell at a profit / to speculate
lit. to hang upside down / fig. topsy-turvy and inequitable, e.g. manufacturing and trading costs exceed the sale price (of some goods) / to borrow more than one can ever repay
to fall to the ground
to lose money instead of being paid (i.e. sb should pay me, but is actually taking my money)
to pull down / (coll.) to let it go / to drop it
lit. to invert black and white (idiom); to distort the truth deliberately / to misrepresent the facts / to invert right and wrong
inversion (rhetoric device of inverting the word order for heightened effect) / anastrophe
to reflect (producing an inverted image)
to baffle / to confound / to stump
to invert
to faint
to overthrow / downfall / to fall from power / to go bankrupt
to trip / to stumble
to make an about-turn / to reverse one's direction, policy, sequence etc / to turn things on their head
to invert right and wrong
lit. to strike with a muckrake (idiom), cf Pigsy 豬八戒|猪八戒 in Journey to the West 西遊記|西游记; fig. to counterattack / to make bogus accusations (against one's victim)
to pour out one's grievances
lit. spirit and soul upside down (idiom); infatuated and head over heels in love / fascinated / captivated
to flash back / flashback (in a novel, movie etc)
inversion (rhetoric device of inverting the word order for heightened effect) / anastrophe
roly-poly toy / tilting doll / tumbler
to knock down / to knock over / to run over (sb)
barb / bicycle kick, or overhead kick (football)
not to pose a problem for sb / cannot stump sb
to change shifts / to work in turns
to change sides in a war / turncoat
(coll.) a profiteer / (business) wheeler-dealer
to be frightened
disappointed / frustrated / dejected
lit. to topple the mountains and overturn the seas (idiom); earth-shattering / fig. gigantic / of spectacular significance
to have the advantage overwhelmingly on one side / to support unconditionally
(coll.) poor devil / unfortunate man
barb / barbed tip (e.g. of fishhook)
to turn upside down / to upend
lit. to move mountains and drain seas / to transform nature
to pour beans out of a bamboo tube / to come clean / to make a clean breast of things
backwards / in reverse / upside down
to gasp (with amazement or shock etc) / to feel a chill run down one's spine / to have one's hairs stand on end
to move / to shift / to exchange / to buy and sell / peddling
to overturn / to overthrow / to capsize / to collapse
(of cereal crops) to collapse and lie flat
to knock down / to mow down
phase reversal / phase inversion
lit. overturning seas and rivers (idiom) / fig. overwhelming / earth-shattering / in a spectacular mess
to lean unsteadily from side to side (idiom) / to sway / (of buildings etc) to lean at a crazy angle
rewind (media player)
lit. to hang upside down / fig. in dire straits
to take a fall
to flow backwards (of water, because of flood, tide, wind etc) / reverse flow / to back up (sewage)
to prostrate oneself / to fall on one's knees / to grovel
to kneel down / to sink to one's knees / to grovel
to knock sth over
to lie down / to drop to the ground
three-shift system (work rostering)
to overturn trunks and boxes / to make a thorough search (idiom)
to lie down / to die
to slip (lose one's footing)
confused / disorderly / incoherent
to know by heart (so well that you can recite it backwards)
cold snap during the spring
to die out (of livestock)
to be more of a hindrance than a help
to take turns / to rotate (responsibility)
to drive in reverse / fig. to take a backward step / retrogressive / trying to turn the clock back
to go against the tide (idiom); to do things all wrong / to try to turn back history / a perverse way of doing things
to adjust to a different time zone
to invert
to marry and live with the bride's family (inverting traditional Chinese expectations)
to have bad luck
Oh that's true! (interjection of sudden realization)

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