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  *倍* | 倍* | *倍
(two, three etc) -fold / times (multiplier) / double / to increase or multiply
twice as much / double the amount
multiple / multiplier / factor
to double / to redouble
to double
half the work, twice the effect (idiom); the right approach saves effort and leads to better results / a stitch in time saves nine
to double / to redouble / to increase many times over / to multiply by a factor / multiplication
twofold / double
common multiple
a hundredfold / a hundred times
several times (bigger) / double, treble, quadruple etc
least common multiple
magnifying power / magnification
very / much (Beijing dialect)
twice the effort for half the result
doubly homesick for our dear ones at each festive day (from a poem by Wang Wei 王維|王维)
haploid (single chromosome)
polyploid (multiple chromosomes)
(dialect) awesome / excellent
Diplopoda (arthropod class with a pair of legs on each segment, including centipedes and millipedes)
brimming with confidence (idiom)
lit. vitality a hundredfold (idiom); refreshed / one's vigor thoroughly restored
diploid (in cell biology)
Capri-Sun, juice drink brand
frequency multiplier
integer multiple
Diplopoda (zoology)
allopolyploid (polyploid with chromosomes of different species)
Abe (Japanese surname)
to feel even more / to be extremely (sad, lonely, delighted etc)
integral multiple
ploidy (number of homologous chromosomes)
beta (loanword)
diploid (doubled chromosomes)
timely handling doubles the effect and halves the effort / the right approach saves effort and leads to better results / a stitch in time saves nine
common multiple expression
tenfold / ten times (sth)
Chinese sumac (Rhus chinensis)
Abe Shinzo (1954-), Japanese LDP politician, prime minister 2006-2007 and from 2012
autopolyploid (polyploid with chromosomes of single species)

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