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to overlook / to look down at
to overlook / to look down from a height
to lie prostrate
  *俯* | 俯* | *俯
to look down / to stoop
to lean over / to bend over / to stoop / to bow
lowering and raising of the head / (fig.) small move / pitch (position angle)
to dive down fast / to swoop down
to bend one's head
to lie prone
press-up (physical exercise) / push-up
  *俛* | 俛* | *俛
variant of
to rock one's body backward and forward / to be convulsed (with laughter etc)
bowed head and ears glued (idiom); docile and obedient / at sb's beck and call
to have a clear conscience
to deign / to condescend / to yield to (entreaties) / to submit to (sb) / (polite) to deign to accept (a post)
bird's-eye view / see also 鳥瞰圖|鸟瞰图
crane shot / boom shot (photography)
to condescend / condescending / patronizing
to swim with the tide (idiom)
to bow before (idiom) / to capitulate
in a flash
lit. so numerous that one could just bend down and pick them up (idiom) / fig. extremely common / easily available

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