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  *侧* | 侧* | *侧
the side / to incline towards / to lean / inclined / lateral / side
  *侧* | 侧* | *侧
lean on one side
right side
left side
lateral side / side / aspect / profile
two sides / both sides
west side / west face
east side / east face
outer side
two-sided / bilateral
a side-bar (in software)
to place particular emphasis on
north side / north face
south side / south face
(to stand or move) sideways
one-sided / unilateral
profile / silhouette
to lie on one's side
main point / emphasis
back / back side
to toss and turn restlessly (in the bed)
to profile / profile / (offender) profiling
side wall
to bend an ear (to) / to listen
oblique attack (brush movement in painting)
to raise eyebrows / to cast sidelong glances (expressing fear or indignation) / shocked / surprised
side of the body
to make insinuations / to take an indirect approach (in making inquiries) (idiom)
two sides
to capture data / to record illicitly / data skimming
side door
axillary bud
parazoan (animal of the subkingdom Parazoa, mostly sponges)
to lie down (on one's side)
weak side / off side (sports)
side chain (used in classifying amino acids)
to lean to one side / slanting
bilateral symmetry
gems at the side (idiom); flanked by genius
aerial cartwheel / side somersault
to change one's viewpoint / to turn from side to side (in bed)
to toss and turn
lateral sulcus or Sylvian fissure (neuroanatomy)
lateral sulcus or Sylvian fissure (neuroanatomy)
flank (military)
lateral root (botany)
sideroom / concubine
name of "knife" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 18), occurring in , , etc / see also

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