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to offer / to supply / to provide / to furnish
to furnish / to provide / supply (as in supply and demand)
to supply / to provide / to offer
only for
for reference only
supply and demand (economics)
  *供* | 供* | *供
to provide / to supply
  *供* | 供* | *供
sacrificial offering / to confess
to supply electricity
to supply goods
(Internet) service provider
supply and marketing / distribution / supply and sales
supply and demand
to supply heating (in a building) / heating
heating (for a building) / to supply heating
supplier / vendor
to supply / to provide for one's elders / to support one's parents
to make offerings (to the Gods)
supply does not meet demand
to hold an office or post
to consecrate / to enshrine and worship / an offering (to one's ancestors) / a sacrifice (to a god)
to extort a confession
to make a full confession / to plead guilty
oral confession (as opposed to 筆供|笔供) / statement / deposition
supply room
to donate blood
to make offerings (to gods or ancestors) / to offer gifts to superiors in order to win their favor
to confess
aggregate supply
to confess / confession
monthly loan repayment / mortgage payment
supply exceeds demand
a contribution
to obtain confessions by compulsion / confession under duress
to extort a confession / Taiwan pr. [po4 gong1]
blood donor
to supply water
to collude to fabricate a story
scholar's rock (one of the naturally-eroded, fantastically-shaped rocks put on display indoors or in gardens in China)
written evidence, as opposed to oral evidence 口供
to take down a confession
to make a confession (law)
to cheat sb into confessing / to induce a confession
to retract testimony / to withdraw a confession
to implicate others, without foundation, in confessing one's own crime
written confession
money supply
power supply (of an appliance etc)
confession / statement / Taiwan pr. [gong1 ci2]
supply chain
flower offering
distribution business / supplier
flower offering
supply exceeds demand
to buy a house on a mortgage / house mortgage
fuel supply system / lubricating system
gas supply
donor (chemistry, physics, medicine)
having possible military application
Internet service provider (ISP)
to trap a suspect into a confession
affidavit / deposition (law)
provider (company)
supplier / provider
service provider
water-boarding, interrogation technique used by CIA
supply of material

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