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  *住* | 住* | *住
to live / to dwell / to stay / to reside / to stop / (suffix indicating firmness, steadiness, or coming to a halt)
to reside / to dwell / to live in a place / resident in
to remember / to bear in mind / to learn by heart
to grab / to capture
to check in (at a hotel etc)
cannot help / unable to bear
to ask sb to stay / to keep sb for the night / to await (classical)
to obstruct
to jam / to choke / to clutch / also pr. [qia3 zhu4]
to grip / to hold
to block up
to cover (up) / to block / to obstruct / to shade
can't remember
to cover (typically by placing a hand over sb's mouth, nose or ears etc)
to provide full board
to stop / to bar the way
to press down / to crush down / to restrain (anger) / to keep down (voice)
to withstand / to stand up to
to hold on to / to defend / to keep / to guard
to preserve / to save
to surround / to gird
to live (somewhere) for free
to hold in one's arms / to embrace
to stand
can't help it / can't bear it
to watch sb closely / to breathe down sb's neck / to mark (sports)
to let sb down / to be unfair / I'm sorry / pardon me (formal)
to take control of / to manage / to curb
long-term resident / permanent residence / eternalism (permanence of soul, Sanskrit Sassatavada)
to catch / to grapple with / to hold onto
motionless / unable to move
to detain / to hold back by force / to buckle / to hook
to stop (sb) by calling out to them
to be unable to repress sth / to be unable to contain oneself
cannot maintain (sth) / unable to keep / more likely than not / may well
to fascinate / to strongly attract / to obsess / to infatuate / to captivate / to enchant
(PRC law) residential surveillance / to order sb to stay at their home, or a designated location, under surveillance
(coll.) unable to withstand / cannot bear / can't stand it / no match for
to be unable to hold back
to dominate / to control / to subdue / to crush
to be dumbfounded / to be astonished
to fasten / to bind
food and lodging / to stay (at some place) and eat meals (there)
to baffle / to stump
reliable / trustworthy
to stop / to come to a halt
to tether / to tie up / (fig.) to restrict / to keep a hold on
to stop / to halt
to be unable to bear
to hook onto / to hitch onto / to catch onto
to catch (sth thrown etc) / to receive (sth given) / to accept
to embrace
to manage to suppress / to keep under control
to choke (on) / to choke off (in speech)
to stop / to halt / to cease
to envelop / to wrap / to enclose
to entangle / to hinder / to impede movement
to clamp down / to suppress
to stump sb with a question
to get caught (entangled) / to catch (on sth)
to refrain / to be able to endure it
to stand firm / to stand one's ground (in the face of adversity or pain)
unable to brake (stop)
to be unable to bear or support
to brake / to stop / to forbid
to lodge
to suppress (a sob, harsh words etc)
to dwell / to live
to draw (towards) / to be drawn to / to be sucked in
repeatedly / continuously / constantly / unable to (resist, conceal etc)
to be able to bear / to be able to support
to migrate / to resettle
to hold up / to hinder / to stall
to grab
to resist / to press against / to brace
to grasp firmly
to stop / Taiwan pr. [zha3 zhu4]
not up to it / cannot stand the test
up to it / can stand the test
(Internet slang) can't contain oneself / unable to bear / can't help (doing sth)

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