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to resemble / similar / like / resemblance / similarity
apparently / to seem / to appear / as if / seemingly
seems as if / rather like / Taiwan pr. [si4 de5]
similar / analogous
  *似* | 似* | *似
see 似的
  *似* | 似* | *似
to seem / to appear / to resemble / similar / -like / pseudo- / (more) than
  *似* | 似* | *似
old variant of
to look as if / to seem
to appear to be / to seem as if
to be suspected to be
to seem / to be like
similar / about the same as / approximately / approximation
similar in shape and appearance
just like / exactly like
to strikingly resemble
time flies like an arrow (idiom); How time flies!
to surpass / better than / superior to
resemblance / similarity
fleeting years (idiom)
tender and soft as water / deeply attached to sb
like a smile yet not a smile (idiom)
delicate as a flower, refined as a precious jade (idiom) / (of a woman) exquisite
to not really understand / to half-understand
the sun shines fiercely
apparently right but actually wrong; specious (idiom)
to hunger for sth (idiom); eagerly / to long for sth
lit. as if flying / very fast
approximate solution
like gold or jade (idiom) / gorgeous / lovely / splendorous
lit. like wolves and tigers / ruthless
stuck together as by glue (of lovers) / joined at the hip
as if / to seem
with one's heart set on speeding home (idiom)
maximum-likelihood estimation (statistics)
nucleoid (of prokaryotic cell)
lit. the gate of a noble house is like the sea / there is a wide gap between the nobility and the common people (idiom)
to simulate / to emulate
similar in expression and spirit / to bear a remarkable resemblance to
to be better than
see 活像
déjà vu (the experience of seeing exactly the same situation a second time) / seemingly familiar / apparently already acquainted
variant of 仿似
to live like the immortals (advertising real estate)
extremely / unworthy (self-deprecatory term)
ornithischian / bird-like dinosaur
the most treacherous person appears the most guileless (idiom)
order of approximation
successive approximate values (idiom)
word similarity effect
to resemble / to look like

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