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partner / companion / comrade
to accompany / to follow / to occur together with / concomitant
companion / mate / partner
variant of 伙伴
to accompany
  *伴* | 伴* | *伴
partner / companion / comrade / associate / to accompany
gift given when visiting sb (esp. a local specialty brought back from one's travels, or a special product of one's own country taken overseas) (Tw)
cooperative partner
to accompany (musically)
companion / comrade / fellow
bridesmaid / maid of honor / matron of honor
vocal accompaniment / to accompany a singer / to support of sb / to echo sb / to chime in with sb
to accompany sb / to accompany each other
to go with sb / to form companionships
female companion
to accompany / to keep sb company
best man
sexual partner
(of an elderly couple) husband or wife
to gather one's friends / to band together
dancing partner
to be a dancing partner to sb / to perform as a backup dancer / taxi dancer (hired dancing partner) / escort
steam or heat tracing
to keep sb company / to accompany
sex partner
sexual partner
to stay together (of a group) / to keep together
to act as companion
to accompany
trading partner
Yaohan retail group
strategic partner
playmate / travel companion
companion (star)
variant of 伙伴
to accompany
travel with another / accompany another
Coffee-mate (non-dairy creamer manufactured by Nestlé)
husband and wife in youth, companions in old age
HMS Consort, Royal Navy destroyer involved in 1949 Amethyst incident on Changjiang
good companion
lifelong partner or companion
associated gas (petrochemical engineering)
erhua variant of 做伴
contingent effects
a cappella (music)
severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome (SFTS)
adjoint matrix (math.)
erhua variant of 老伴
to be accompanied by
being close to the sovereign can be as perilous as lying with a tiger (idiom)

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