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to retire (from the workforce); to go into retirement
  *休* | 休* | *休
surname Xiu
  *休* | 休* | *休
to rest / to stop doing sth for a period of time / to cease / (imperative) don't
Jiexiu, county-level city in Jinzhong 晉中|晋中, Shanxi
to have a public holiday; to have an official holiday / (Tw) (of a business establishment) to be closed regularly on certain days, as determined by a trade association
to take deferred time off (to make up for working during the weekend or holidays) / compensatory leave
noon break / lunch break / lunchtime nap
to give up / to abandon (a goal etc) / to let sth go / forget it / let the matter drop
to retire / to leave work and rest (euphemism for compulsory retirement of old cadres)
to leave the matter at that / to be prepared to let go / to be willing to take things lying down
to compensate for working on a holiday by resting on a workday / to compensate for resting on a workday by working on a holiday
to take holidays in rotation / to stagger employees' days off / (agriculture) to lie fallow in rotation
to be on sick leave
to chatter or jabber on and on
to talk incessantly / to chatter on and on
to shift holidays, taking a weekday off
complete rest (after an illness)
endlessly / ceaselessly
lit. either don't do it, or don't rest (idiom) / fig. if you do it at all, you may as well go the whole hog / in for a penny, in for a pound
to get thoroughly drunk (idiom) / to get plastered
to fight to one's last gasp
without stopping to sleep or have a rest (idiom)
rest for now / stop (usually imperative form)
to request permission to resign from an official position (old)
to let matters rest
angry / wrathful
Mogadishu, capital of Somalia (Tw)

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