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pace / (measured) step / march
to hew / to cut down
to suppress by armed force / to send a punitive expedition against / to crusade against
  *伐* | 伐* | *伐
to cut down / to fell / to dispatch an expedition against / to attack / to boast / Taiwan pr. [fa1]
the Northern Expedition, the Nationalists' campaign of 1926-1928 under Chiang Kai-shek, against the rule of local warlords
to fell / to cut
to condemn in speech and in writing (idiom) / to denounce by word and pen
to denude / illegal logging / forest clearance
to go on or send a punitive expedition
to unlawfully fell trees
wanton destruction of forested lands
a ban on logging
to launch an all-out attack (idiom) / to roundly condemn / to castigate
war on all sides (idiom); fighting from all four quarters
to attack / to raid / (of medicine) potent
to console the people by punishing the tyrants (abbr. for 弔民伐罪|吊民伐罪)

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