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  *伊* | 伊* | *伊
surname Yi / abbr. for 伊拉克, Iraq / abbr. for 伊朗, Iran
  *伊* | 伊* | *伊
(old) third person singular pronoun ("he" or "she") / second person singular pronoun ("you") / (May 4th period) third person singular feminine pronoun ("she") / (Classical Chinese) introductory particle with no specific meaning / that (preceding a noun)
mummy (preserved corpse) (loanword)
Illinois, US state
ancient city of Troy
Hamid Karzai (1957-), Afghan politician, president 2004-2014
cute / adorable / charming (loanword from Japanese)
Morgan Tsvangirai (1952-2018), Zimbabwean politician
Khamenei, Ayatollah Aly (1939-), Supreme Leader of Iran, aka Ali Khamenei
McKay or Mackay (name)
Baha'i (religion)

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