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mission / assignment / task / duty / role / CL: 項|项, 個|个
any / whatever / whichever / whatsoever
responsibility / blame / duty / CL: 個|个
director / head / CL: 個|个
to trust / to have confidence in
to hold a governmental office or post / to assume office of / to take charge of / to serve as
any / arbitrary / at will / at random
willful / headstrong / unruly
to appoint / (job) appointment / CL: 紙|纸
a heavy load and a long road / fig. to bear heavy responsibilities through a long struggle (cf Confucian Analects, 8.7)
editor in charge
  *任* | 任* | *任
surname Ren / Ren County 任縣|任县 in Hebei
  *任* | 任* | *任
to assign / to appoint / to take up a post / office / responsibility / to let / to allow / to give free rein to / no matter (how, what etc) / classifier for terms served in office, or for spouses, girlfriends etc (as in 前任男友)
to hold an office or post
to occupy a post currently / current (president etc) / incumbent / (coll.) current boyfriend (girlfriend, spouse)
legal responsibility / liability
sense of responsibility
teacher in charge of a class
liable / responsible
deputy director / assistant head
to choose arbitrarily / to take whichever one fancies
(of one person) to hold the successive posts of / (of several persons) the successive (presidents etc)
to take office / previous (incumbent) / predecessor
to appoint and dismiss
sense of responsibility
to give classes / to work as a teacher
taskbar (computing)
qualified / competent (professionally) / to be up to a task
corporate social responsibility (CSR)
to take responsibility / to bear responsibility / to be responsible
to appoint (to a position) / appointed
responsible person / coordinator
newly-appointed / newly elected / new (in a political office)
system of job responsibility
full-time / to appoint sb to a specific task
to bear joint responsibility for sth / joint liability (law)
to work hard without complaint (idiom)
to take up a post / to start in a new job
no matter what / despite / to allow (sb to act arbitrarily)
civil liability (law)
predecessor / ex- / former / ex (spouse etc)
to make it one's business / to take upon oneself to
chairman of department / dean / CL: , 個|个
to hold a teaching position
to leave office
accident occurring due to negligence
any / either
any one of (a list of possibilities)
term of office / CL: 屆|届 / tenure (entire period in office)
heavy responsibility
expert at appointing people according to their abilities (idiom) / to put the right people in the right places
to hold several jobs at once / concurrent post / working part-time
then (as in "the then chairman")
to succeed sb in a job / successor
Simon Yam Tat-Wah (1955-), Hong Kong actor and film producer
first person to be appointed to a post
to be promoted to
to leave office / to leave one's post
Rencheng district of Jining city 濟寧市|济宁市, Shandong
to continue in (a political) office / to serve for another term of office
free kick
term of office / while holding a post
at fault / blamed for / responsible (for a blunder or crime)
Rencheng district of Jining city 濟寧市|济宁市, Shandong
to take office / to assume a post
to appoint / to assign
multitasking (computing)
Renqiu county level city in Cangzhou 滄州|沧州, Hebei
Ren county in Xingtai 邢台, Hebei
to get trampled on (idiom) / to be taken advantage of
to transfer / to move to another post
to appoint
to appoint people according to their merits (idiom); appointment on the basis of ability and integrity
director of the local committee of the Women's Federation
to appoint people by favoritism (idiom); nepotism / corrupt appointment
to be appointed or elevated to a post
to allow (sth to happen)
successor / (attributive) future
next office holder / next to serve
rotating appointment (e.g. presidency of EU)
to ignore / to let alone / to indulge
to let (sb do sth) / to allow / regardless of
presidential term of office / presidency
to evade responsibility / to shirk
Ren An (-c. 90 BC), Han Dynasty general, also called Ren Shaoqing 任少卿
chivalrous / helping the weak for the sake of justice
to take a laissez-faire attitude
to ride to take up an official appointment (idiom); to take on a job with alacrity / to undertake a task
to let things take their course (idiom) / to leave it to nature / laissez-faire
(of a newly appointed official) to make bold changes on assuming office (idiom)
to let (sth happen) / to allow (sb to do sth) / to submit to / to yield
to remain in office / to hold on to one's job
to promote and appoint
to let sb do whatever they want / to indulge / to give free reins to / to let things slide / to drift aimlessly / laissez-faire
appointment (to a job) / to be appointed (to high office) / to accept an appointment / entrusted with responsibilities / same as 授任
period in office
to appoint the virtuous and use the able (idiom); appointment on the basis of ability and integrity
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