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price / CL: 個|个
value / worth / fig. values (ethical, cultural etc) / CL: 個|个
to evaluate / to assess
price / cost / consideration (in share dealing)
good quality and cheap / a bargain
to quote a price / quoted price / quote
  *价* | 价* | *价
price / value / (chemistry) valence
  *价* | 价* | *价
great / good / middleman / servant
low price
special price
quotation request / price inquiry / price check
cost-performance ratio
to mark the price / marked price
selling price
to cut the price / to drive down the price / to get cheaper
to set a price / to fix a price
house price / cost of housing
stock price / share price
system of values
unit price
construction cost
wholesale price
price level
ticket price / fare / admission fee
price relations / parity / rate of exchange
list price
total price
to appreciate (in value) / to increase in price
oil (petroleum) price
high price
to value / to appraise / to be valued at / estimate / valuation
(commodity) prices / CL: 個|个
price list
reasonably priced / inexpensive / to keep prices down / (currency exchange) parity
price competition / bid (in an auction) / to compete on price / to bid against sb
sale price / negotiated price / price reached in an auction
to bargain / to cut or beat down a price
to valuate / valuation
cheaply-priced / low-cost
half price
to bid
price of electricity
market price
difference in price
extremely expensive / sky-high price
limit on price
to appraise at the current rate
social status / price of a slave / price of a person (a sportsman etc) / worth / value (of stocks, valuables etc)
to increase a price
premium / to pay a premium
(marked) price / tariff (in a restaurant etc)
closing price (of share, commodity etc)
to bargain / to negotiate a price
monovalent (chemistry)
fair value (accounting)
equal / equal in value / equivalent
quotation / price list / written estimate of price
market value
to raise or lower the price / price adjustment
fare / transport cost
price of actuals
negotiable price / (chemistry) divalent / bivalent
invaluable / priceless
invoice / factory price
valence bond (chemistry)
value of assets
practical value
initial price (e.g. for the first kilometer) / prices starting from
usable value
medicinal value
to haggle over price / to bargain
genuine goods at fair prices / (fig.) genuine / real / true
to raise the price
securities / collateral (for loan)
to cut prices / to discount / to mark down / price cutting
asking price / to ask a price / to demand terms (in negotiations)
consideration (in exchange for shares) / a quid pro quo
to make a counteroffer when haggling / to bargain
to beat down the price / to haggle / to slash one's prices
selling price
drop in price / devalued / to have one's status lowered
package / all-inclusive deal
surplus value
covalent bond (chemistry)
consumer price index CPI
to fall in price
opening price
invaluable / priceless
priceless treasure
price index
buying price
to quote a price / seller's first offer
inexpensive and of good quality (idiom)
to depress prices
to negotiate (prices) / to haggle
equal-value exchange
exchange rate

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