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can / may / possible / able to / not bad / pretty good
therefore / as a result / so / the reason why
before / formerly / previous / ago
  *以* | 以* | *以
old variant of
  *以* | 以* | *以
old variant of
  *以* | 以* | *以
to use / by means of / according to / in order to / because of / at (a certain date or place)
to think (i.e. to take it to be true that ...) (Usually there is an implication that the notion is mistaken – except when expressing one's own current opinion.)
as well as / too / and
since (a previous event)
in order to avoid / so as not to
in the past / formerly
sufficient to... / so much so that / so that
so that / so as to / in order to
to such an extent as to / down to / up to
down to / up to / to such an extent as to ... / also written 以至於|以至于
that level or higher / that amount or more / the above-mentioned / (used to indicate that one has completed one's remarks) That is all.
that level or lower / that amount or less / the following
  *以* | 以* | *以
abbr. for Israel 以色列
apart from / other than / except for / external / outside of / on the other side of / beyond
within / less than
after / later / afterwards / following / later on / in the future
hard to (predict, imagine etc)
able to / so that sb can / enabling / in order to / finally in a position to / with sth in view
using the weak to defeat the strong (idiom); to win from a position of weakness
to yearn for sth even in one's dreams (idiom) / to long for sth day and night
(after a noun N and before a predicate P) the reason why N P / Example: 我之所以討厭他|我之所以讨厌他 "the reason why I dislike him (is ...)"
to give / to impose / to apply
with this / thereby / thus / because of this
in addition / moreover / (used before a disyllabic verb to indicate that the action of the verb is applied to sth or sb previously mentioned) / to apply (restrictions etc) to (sb) / to give (support, consideration etc) to (sth)
(literary) why / how
down to / up to / to the extent that...
in order to / so as to
to regard as / to treat as
(so as) to avoid / to prevent / (just) in case
(math.) divided by
hard to believe / incredible
to the south of (suffix)
to the north of (suffix)
in order to / hoping to / attempting to / waiting for
to express / to present / to extend / to tender (greetings, thanks etc)
to the east of (suffix)
to pursue unremittingly (idiom); to persevere
to set an example (idiom); to serve as a model
to rely on / to depend on
to believe oneself infallible (idiom) / to be opinionated
treat sth lightly / to lower one's guard
not to accept as correct (idiom); to object / to disapprove / to take exception to
to learn from history (idiom)
not to mind / unconcerned
to study sth to apply it / study for practical applications
in order to
to guard against the unexpected (idiom); just in case / prepared for any eventualities
to be left speechless / unable to respond
and so on / in a similar fashion
lit. (of fish) to moisten each other with spittle (when water is drying up) (idiom) / fig. to share meager resources / mutual help in humble circumstances
to reserve a seat / to leave a position vacant
tens of thousands / numerous
to have one's wish fulfilled
accustomed to / used to
hard to accomplish / difficult to achieve
to label / to call
a tooth for a tooth (retaliation)
Food is the God of the people. (idiom); People view food as the primary need. / Food first, ethical niceties second
by way of / to serve as
to give / to grant
to be strict with oneself (idiom) / to demand a lot of oneself
lit. to strike a stone with egg (idiom); to attempt the impossible / to invite disaster by overreaching oneself
to punish according to the law / to bring to justice
in the extreme (idiom) / incapable of further increase
an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth (idiom) / fig. to use the enemy's methods against him / to give sb a taste of his own medicine
thousands (of sth)
to be calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos or at a busy time (idiom)
to sit and wait for death (idiom); resigned to one's fate
to be too embarrassed to mention sth (idiom) / to find it hard to speak about sth
to take sth as a warning (idiom) / to draw a lesson from a case where things turned out badly
a single spark can start a huge blaze (idiom); an insignificant cause can have a massive effect
how can one be sure?
to get carried away / to forget oneself
night and day (idiom); continuous strenuous effort
to judge sb by appearances (idiom)
diligent and tireless (idiom)
(lit.) to take a part for the whole / to generalize
to regard it as an honor (idiom)
to take sth to be true
similar things come together (idiom); like draws like / Birds of a feather flock together.
to be lenient with others (idiom)
since birth / for one's whole life
to spread falsehoods / to increasingly distort the truth / to pile errors on top of errors (idiom)
to use one's position for personal gain (idiom)
to bathe one's face in tears (idiom)
to wait at one's ease for the exhausted enemy / to nurture one's strength and bide one's time (idiom)
using the few to defeat the many (idiom); to win from a position of weakness
to return good for evil (idiom) / to requite evil with good
to use softness to conquer strength (idiom)
Similar things group together, similar people fit together (idiom); Birds of a feather flock together.
to cure ills with poison (TCM) / to fight evil with evil / set a thief to catch a thief / to fight fire with fire

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