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can / may / possible / able to / not bad / pretty good
therefore / as a result / so / the reason why
before / formerly / previous / ago
  *以* | 以* | *以
old variant of
  *以* | 以* | *以
old variant of
  *以* | 以* | *以
to use / by means of / according to / in order to / because of / at (a certain date or place)
to think (i.e. to take it to be true that ...) (Usually there is an implication that the notion is mistaken – except when expressing one's own current opinion.)
as well as / too / and
since (a previous event)
so that / so as to / in order to
in the past / formerly
in order to avoid / so as not to
to such an extent as to / down to / up to
sufficient to... / so much so that / so that
down to / up to / to such an extent as to ... / also written 以至於|以至于
  *以* | 以* | *以
abbr. for Israel 以色列
that level or higher / that amount or more / the above-mentioned / (used to indicate that one has completed one's remarks) That is all.
that level or lower / that amount or less / the following
after / later / afterwards / following / later on / in the future
hard to (predict, imagine etc)
(math.) divided by
within / less than
to give / to impose / to apply
able to / so that sb can / enabling / in order to / finally in a position to / with sth in view
with this / thereby / thus / because of this
in addition / moreover / (used before a disyllabic verb to indicate that the action of the verb is applied to sth or sb previously mentioned) / to apply (restrictions etc) to (sb) / to give (support, consideration etc) to (sth)
apart from / other than / except for / external / outside of / on the other side of / beyond
(after a noun N and before a predicate P) the reason why N P / Example: 我之所以討厭他|我之所以讨厌他 "the reason why I dislike him (is ...)"
in order to / so as to
ever since a long time ago
to pursue unremittingly (idiom); to persevere
in order to
(literary) why / how
to do at all costs / to make an all-out effort
(so as) to avoid / to prevent / (just) in case
down to / up to / to the extent that...
in the past always / for a long time now / until now
(math.) multiplied with
to regard as / to treat as
to study sth to apply it / study for practical applications
and so on / in a similar fashion
to the east of (suffix)
to have one's wish fulfilled
to give / to grant
treat sth lightly / to lower one's guard
in order to / hoping to / attempting to / waiting for
hard to believe / incredible
since ancient times
supplemented by / accompanied by / with
to the south of (suffix)
to set an example (idiom); to serve as a model
to yearn for sth even in one's dreams (idiom) / to long for sth day and night
to take sth as a warning (idiom) / to draw a lesson from a case where things turned out badly
to express / to present / to extend / to tender (greetings, thanks etc)
how can this be endured! (idiom)
to rely on / to depend on
to believe oneself infallible (idiom) / to be opinionated
to be intensely proud of sth (idiom)
to reserve a seat / to leave a position vacant
to the north of (suffix)
hard to understand / incomprehensible
night and day (idiom); continuous strenuous effort
lit. to wipe one's eyes and wait (idiom); to wait and see
elusive / hard to pin down / enigmatic
countless / innumerable
to the west of (suffix)
the rarer sth is, the greater its value (idiom)
to learn from history (idiom)
for the sake of / in order to
by way of / to serve as
since the beginning of history
to moisten with spittle (idiom); sharing meager resources / mutual help in humble circumstances
not to accept as correct (idiom); to object / to disapprove / to take exception to
harmony is to be prized
so as to / for the purpose of / in order to
a single spark can start a huge blaze (idiom); an insignificant cause can have a massive effect
so that / to the point that
lit. the other mountain's stone can polish jade (idiom); to improve oneself by accepting criticism from outside / to borrow talent from abroad to develop the nation effectively
to succeed through failure / to achieve one's final aim despite apparent setback
to cure ills with poison (TCM) / to fight evil with evil / set a thief to catch a thief / to fight fire with fire
accustomed to / used to
to use an opponent's own methods to obtain retribution (idiom, from Song dynasty neo-Confucianist Zhu Xi 朱熹); to get revenge by playing sb back at his own game / to give sb a taste of his own medicine
hard to accomplish / difficult to achieve
tens of thousands / numerous
hard to endure / unbearable
(expr.) hold the feudal overlord and you control his vassals
to be left speechless / unable to respond
a tooth for a tooth (retaliation)
to snort disdainfully / to scoff at / to turn up one's nose
to be strict with oneself (idiom) / to demand a lot of oneself
to give in return
to use one's position for personal gain (idiom)
to be lenient with others (idiom)
Food is the God of the people. (idiom); People view food as the primary need. / Food first, ethical niceties second

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