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order / command / CL: , 個|个
order / command / instruction
commanding officer
  *令* | 令* | *令
see 令狐
  *令* | 令* | *令
see 脊令
  *令* | 令* | *令
classifier for a ream of paper
  *令* | 令* | *令
to order / to command / an order / warrant / writ / to cause / to make sth happen / virtuous / honorific title / season / government position (old) / type of short song or poem
summer / summer weather
oral command / a word of command (used in drilling troops or gymnasts) / password (used by sentry)
secret instruction / secret order
to give an order / to command
to order / to enjoin / to charge / to instruct sb to finish sth
Darling (name)
to decree
to follow your orders / roger! / yessir!
an order (esp. army) / bugle call expressing military order / verbal command
county magistrate (during Tang to Qing times)
commander-in-chief / top military commander for a country or theater of operations
order for arrest / wanted circular / wanted poster
to boss people around (idiom)
shilling (loanword)
decree / ordinance
to transmit an order
signaling (engineering)
prohibition / ban
the First Emperor's order to expel foreigners / (fig.) notice to leave / words or behavior intended at turning visitors out
to allow (sth to happen)
order of mobilization
an order to post a reward (for the capture of a criminal)
even if / even though
order / instruction
to order by force / peremptory
Imperial order or edict (old)
second in command
to issue an order
to order / to force
air commodore / top commander of air force
imperial order
warrant (law)
to disobey / to go against orders
government decree
wine-drinking game
winter / winter climate
autumn / autumn weather
spring / springtime / spring weather
to ask sb to leave / to show sb the door / to give a tenant notice to leave
lit. one general, one order (idiom) / fig. every boss has their own rules / everyone has their own way of doing things
search warrant
Yuan Yuling (-1674) Qing writer, author of 西樓記|西楼记
typical weather in a given season
Riesling (grape type)
if / supposing that / acting county magistrate
to lift a prohibition / to lift a ban
speech command (for computer speech recognition)
martial law
banishment order / expulsion warrant
to play a drinking game
to shout an order or command
polite speech / diplomatic terms / rhetoric
the Qing order to all men to shave their heads but keep a queue, first ordered in 1646
to be in season / seasonal
prohibition / ban on alcohol
decree / (of a court) to order
variant of 辭令|辞令
to indulge / to give free rein / even if
tongue twister
to obey orders
variant of 鶺鴒|鹡鸰
prohibition / ban / law forbidding sth
an order / a command
to issue orders / to order sb to drink in a drinking game
(old) (military) a command / an order
amnesty / pardon
gag order
grand scribe (official position in many Chinese states up to the Han)
decree to grant a special pardon
executive order
to order / to force

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