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age / era / epoch / period (in one's life) / CL: 個|个
modern times / modern age / modern era
a decade of a century (e.g. the Sixties) / age / era / period / CL: 個|个
ancient times / olden times
the not-very-distant past / modern times, excluding recent decades / (in the context of Chinese history) the period from the Opium Wars until the May 4th Movement (mid-19th century to 1919) / capitalist times (pre-1949)
the present age / the contemporary era
for many generations / generation / era / age
successive generations / successive dynasties / past dynasties
dynasty / reign (of a king)
to hand over / to explain / to make clear / to brief (sb) / to account for / to justify oneself / to confess / (coll.) to finish
descendant / progeny / posterity / later ages / later generations
  *代* | 代* | *代
to substitute / to act on behalf of others / to replace / generation / dynasty / age / period / (historical) era / (geological) eon
Time, US weekly news magazine
to replace / to supersede / to supplant / (chemistry) substitution
Hyundai, South Korean company
to substitute for / to replace / to supersede
secondary / twice in the year (of generations of insects, harvests etc)
new age
to refer to / to be used in place of
three generations of a family / the three earliest dynasties (Xia, Shang and Zhou)
new generation
the Ch'ing or Qing dynasty (1644-1911)
peerless / unmatched in his generation / incomparable (talent, beauty)
to carry on one's ancestral line
the Ming dynasty (1368-1644)
children of entrepreneurs who became wealthy under Deng Xiaoping's economic reforms in the 1980s / see also 窮二代|穷二代
the era of Japanese occupation
Tang dynasty (618-907)
information age
children of celebrities
Cenozoic (geological era covering the last 65m years)
new generation
Five Dynasties, period of history between the fall of the Tang dynasty (907) and the founding of the Song dynasty (960), when five would-be dynasties were established in quick succession in North China
for many generations
Song dynasty (960-1279)
Stone Age
the Han dynasty (206 BC-220 AD)
to transition to a new dynasty or regime / to replace an older product with an upgraded, new-generation one
Bandai toy company
the next generation
sundae (loanword)
former times / the olden days
Paleolithic Era
parent's generation / previous generation
the Warring States period (475-221 BC) / Japanese Warring States period (15th-17th century)
golden age
(Tw) class representative / class president
final generation
Generation Y / Millennial Generation
from generation to generation / generation after generation
Heian period (794-1185), period of Japanese history
magnificent style unmatched in his generation (idiom); peerless talent
wealth never survives three generations (idiom)
Dark Ages
Qin dynasty (221-207 BC), founded by the first emperor Qin Shihuang 秦始皇, the first dynasty to rule the whole of China
children of officials / word created by analogy with 富二代
offspring / child's generation
previous generation
reform and renewal / generational change
Neolithic Era
the seventies / the 1970s
the sixties / the 1960s
periodization (of history)
Jin Dynasty (265-420)
second generation only child
throughout the ages
the Spring and Autumn (770-476 BC) and Warring States (475-221 BC) periods / Eastern Zhou (770-221 BC)
to pass to the next generation
ice age
Sui dynasty (581-617)
the prehistoric Shang dynasty (c. 16th-11th century BC)
Mesozoic (geological era 250-65m years ago, covering Triassic 三疊紀|三叠纪, Jurassic 侏羅紀|侏罗纪 and Cretaceous 白堊紀|白垩纪)
Nara period (710-794) in early Japanese history
Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC)
Proterozoic (geological era 2500-540m years ago)
the Renaissance
Asuka Period in Japanese history (538-710 AD)
feudal times
Jin Dynasty (1115-1234), founded by the Jurchen 女真 people of North China, a precursor of the Mongol Yuan Dynasty
a changeover of personnel / a new shift / (lit.) replacement for soldier on leave for the melon-picking season
the Bronze Age / also written 青銅時代|青铜时代
Paleozoic, geological era 545-250m years ago, covering Cambrian 寒武紀|寒武纪, Ordovician 奧陶紀|奥陶纪, Silurian 志留紀|志留纪, Devonian 泥盆紀|泥盆纪, Carboniferous 石炭紀|石炭纪, Permian 二疊紀|二叠纪
unrivalled / without peer in this generation
those who did not benefit from the Chinese economic reforms of the 1980s / see also 富二代
Mesolithic Era
to transition to a new dynasty or regime
Archaeozoic (geological era before 2500m years ago)
the Yuan or Mongol dynasty (1279-1368)
the Six Dynasties period (222-589) between Han and Tang
reign (of a king, emperor etc)
Thomas Hardy (1840-1928), English author
Song of the Southern dynasties (420-479), with capital at Nanjing
Zhou dynasty (1046-221 BC)
substitution / replacing former general / change of leader
iteration (math.) / repeated substitution

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