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to deal with / to cope
to handle / to deal with / to cope / to get by with
to pay (money)
  *付* | 付* | *付
surname Fu
  *付* | 付* | *付
to pay / to hand over to / classifier for pairs or sets of things
to pay out / to compensate / (insurance) payment
to pay in advance / prepaid
down payment
to hand over / to deliver
actually paid / net (payment)
to pay / payment
appropriate sum of money
to cash (a check)
collect on delivery (COD)
transfer payment (payment from government or private sector for which no good or service is required in return)
to pay sb else's expense with the expectation of being reimbursed by that person later
to pay on the spot
to entrust
to pay back
to refuse to accept a payment / to refuse to pay / to stop (a check or payment)
to pay / to hand over (tax payment etc)
to pay on demand
to promise to pay
payable at sight / payable to bearer
to pay as charged
negotiation (finance)
hard to deal with / hard to handle
payment made afterwards / postpaid
to struggle to cope (with a situation) / to be at one's wits' end
to put together hastily / to make do with
lump-sum (finance)
variant of 吩咐

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