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  *从* | 从* | *从
variant of 從|从
  *从* | 从* | *从
from / through / via / to follow / to obey / to engage in (an activity) / never (in negative sentence) / (Taiwan pr. [zong4]) retainer / assistant / auxiliary / subordinate / related by common paternal grandfather or earlier ancestor
since (a time) / ever since
to obey (an order) / to comply / to defer
  *从* | 从* | *从
surname Cong
not knowing which course to follow (idiom); at a loss what to do
to listen and obey / to comply with / to heed / to hearken
what course to follow / what path to take
obedient / to comply / to submit / to defer
to assent / to comply with
to have relations with / to associate with
to comply with / to follow (directives) / to defer (to the judgment of superiors)
to accompany / to follow / to attend / entourage / attendant
to follow / (of a woman) to get married / (old) attendant
to serve (an important personage) / attendant / retainer
(of an official) to travel with little luggage and just a small escort / to travel without ostentation
to follow blindly / to conform slavishly / unthinking obedience
to see, hear and obey (idiom); to take advice / to take sb at his word
from / (ever) since
to comply with / to obey
master-slave (computing) / client-server (computing) / primary and secondary
to capitulate
to follow obediently
to choose the right course and follow it (idiom)
to trust and obey
at one's discretion
to study under (a teacher)
mounted escort
tame / obedient
to obey / to observe / to follow
retinue / hangers-on
Command right and you will be obeyed cheerfully. (idiom)
not to have access / beyond one's authority or capability / sth one has no way of doing
to vow to die rather than obey (idiom)

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