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  *从* | 从* | *从
variant of 從|从
  *从* | 从* | *从
from / through / via / to follow / to obey / to engage in (an activity) / never (in negative sentence) / (Taiwan pr. [zong4]) retainer / assistant / auxiliary / subordinate / related by common paternal grandfather or earlier ancestor
always / at all times / never (if used in negative sentence)
thus / thereby
to go for / to engage in / to undertake / to deal with / to handle / to do
from now on / since then / henceforth
since (a time) / ever since
previously / formerly / once upon a time
to obey (an order) / to comply / to defer
to go easy / unhurried / calm / Taiwan pr. [cong1 rong2]
  *从* | 从* | *从
surname Cong
from within / therefrom
Conghua, county-level city in Guangzhou 廣州|广州, Guangdong
to practice (a trade)
from childhood / from a young age
not knowing which course to follow (idiom); at a loss what to do
to listen and obey / to comply with / to heed / to hearken
never (in the past) / never did
Congjiang county in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture 黔東南州|黔东南州, Guizhou
strict / rigorous / severely
preferential treatment / most favored terms
from start to finish / from head to tail / the whole (thing)
what course to follow / what path to take
obedient / to comply / to submit / to defer
lit. to drop from the sky (idiom) / fig. to appear unexpectedly / to arise abruptly / out of the blue / to drop into one's lap
to assent / to comply with
not know where to start
to have relations with / to associate with
to comply with / to follow (directives) / to defer (to the judgment of superiors)
to be engaged in politics (esp. as a government official)
to enlist / to serve in the army
less capable than desirable (idiom); not as strong as one would wish / the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
(to do sth) with dispatch / as soon as possible
to accompany / to follow / to attend / entourage / attendant
to follow / (of a woman) to get married / (old) attendant
from morning till night / from dawn to dusk / all day long
to serve (an important personage) / attendant / retainer
(of an official) to travel with little luggage and just a small escort / to travel without ostentation
to be lenient (in sentencing)
to obey an order / to comply / to do sb's bidding / to do as requested
calm / unruffled
to follow blindly / to conform slavishly / unthinking obedience
to see, hear and obey (idiom); to take advice / to take sb at his word
from / (ever) since
to comply with / to obey
to take one's time making a decision (idiom) / to consider at length
(of a slave or servant) to be given one's freedom / (of a prostitute) to marry and leave one's trade
Trouble issues from the mouth (idiom). A loose tongue may cause a lot of trouble.
master-slave (computing) / client-server (computing) / primary and secondary
to capitulate
to lay down the pen and take up the sword (idiom) / to join the military (esp. of educated person)
lenient / leniently
readily following good advice (idiom); willing to accept other people's views
accessory to a crime / accomplice
Illness enters by the mouth, trouble comes out by the mouth (idiom). A loose tongue may cause a lot of trouble.
Confucian moral injunctions for women, namely: obey in turn three men father, husband and son, plus the four virtues of morality , physical charm , propriety in speech and efficiency in needlework
to make movies / to be a movie actor (or actress)
to enlist / to be in the army
to follow obediently
whatever you like / to do as one pleases
to choose the right course and follow it (idiom)
to trust and obey
(dialect) before / in the past / previously
at one's discretion
to omit (less important details etc)
to follow admonition as natural flow (idiom); to accept criticism or correction (even from one's inferiors)
to jump into a well to rescue sb else (idiom); fig. to help others at the risk to oneself
economical / modest
to study under (a teacher)
mounted escort
to be corrupted by evil influences (idiom)
tame / obedient
faithful unto death (i.e. Confucian ban on widow remarrying)
joy from heaven (idiom); overjoyed at unexpected good news / unlooked-for happy event
to obey / to observe / to follow
Illness enters by the mouth (idiom). Mind what you eat! / fig. A loose tongue may cause a lot of trouble.
paternal uncle's son / nephew
to not dare to disobey an order (idiom)
It's a long and intricate story, I hardly know where to start.
center-embedded relative clauses
retinue / hangers-on
(Internet slang) huge crowds of people (emphatic form of )
(idiom) to refer to sth by the name its owners use / to refer to a place by the name its inhabitants use (e.g. refer to Seoul as 首爾|首尔 rather than 漢城|汉城)
lit. the sun rises in the west (idiom) / fig. hell freezes over / pigs can fly
to do research / to carry out research
from now on / henceforward
whence? / where from?
have never / has never
have never / never before
older male second cousin
-driven (of mechanism, driven by a component) / slave (wheel, pulley)
Conghua, county-level city in Guangzhou 廣州|广州, Guangdong
minor official / to be an official
doing good is like a hard climb, doing evil is like an easy fall (idiom)

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