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  *亲* | 亲* | *亲
parent / one's own (flesh and blood) / relative / related / marriage / bride / close / intimate / in person / first-hand / in favor of / pro- / to kiss / (Internet slang) dear
  *亲* | 亲* | *亲
parents-in-law of one's offspring
parent and child / parent-child (relationship) / two successive generations
mother / also pr. [mu3 qin5] / CL: 個|个
father / also pr. [fu4 qin5] / CL: 個|个
one's close relatives
personally / in person / oneself
blind date / arranged interview to evaluate a proposed marriage partner (Taiwan pr. [xiang4 qin1]) / to be deeply attached to each other
affection / family love / love, esp. within a married couple or between parents and children
amiable / cordial / close and dear / familiar
intimate / close
dear / beloved / darling
a relative (i.e. family relation) / CL: 門|门, 個|个,
kin / kindred / relatives
to kiss / kiss
personal / oneself
personally / with one's own hands
to go in person
Mother's Day
dear one / to kiss / friendly
relatives and friends
friends and relatives
Father's Day
darlings / fans / followers / short form of 親愛的們|亲爱的们
intimate / to get close to
with one's own eyes / personally
(personal) warmth / approachability / accessibility / (in a product) user friendliness / (chemistry) affinity
affectionate / intimate / warmhearted / to get intimate with sb
friends and family / kith and kin
in touch with the people / sensitive to people's needs
personal experience
one's own (child) (i.e. one's child by birth) / biological (parents) / birth (parents)
to go home to visit one's family
fellow countryman (from the same village) / local people / villager / the folks back home
to connect intimately (with) / amiable / affable
older generation in one's household (often referring to one's parents) / one's deceased close relatives
in one's own handwriting
one's own mouth / fig. in one's own words / to say sth personally
to get married
trusted aide
single parent
next of kin / immediate dependant
to be kind and love one another (idiom); bound by deep emotions
one's own mother / biological mother
close relative / near relation
to see for oneself / to see with one's own eyes
paternity or maternity test
parents of one's daughter-in-law or son-in-law / relatives by marriage
single parent family
kindly / nice / amiable
bereavement / to lose a relative
affable / genial
next of kin / closely related
to kiss (on the mouth)
close relation, no gap (idiom); intimate and nothing can come between
to invite the groom (who will live with the bride's family) / to take a wife by one's own choice
blood relationship / genetic relationship / consanguinity
to visit new in-laws after a marriage
kin / blood relation
to do the job oneself
to propose marriage
to remember one's parents / to feel homesick for one's relatives
marriage / CL: 門|门
to do sth oneself
to take a wife
phylogenetic relationship
lit. people rebelling and friends deserting (idiom) / fig. to find oneself utterly isolated
marriage by capture / bride kidnapping
(of the groom's family) to send a bridal sedan chair 花轎|花轿 to fetch the bride / to send a party to escort the bride to the groom's house
to visit one's friends and relations
compatibility / affinity (biology)
stepfamily / (old) stepmother / to marry
arranged betrothal of minors
direct descendant / blood relative
close and distant (relatives)
to visit relatives
a distant relative
affinity / in-laws
not recognizing one's family (idiom); self-centered and not making any allowances for the needs of one's relatives
to travel to (a place where duty calls)
to visit one's parents
parent's generation / previous generation
to take to the field oneself (of emperor) / to take part in person in an expedition
to marry
hydrophilicity / hydrophilic
to settle a marriage / betrothal
SS or Schutzstaffel, paramilitary organization in Nazi Germany
with one's own ears
closely related by blood
cousin (via female line)
doubly homesick for our dear ones at each festive day (from a poem by Wang Wei 王維|王维)
to place righteousness before family (idiom); ready to punish one's own family if justice demands it
one's own father / biological father
after-school program (Tw)
courting / meeting for purpose of marriage / to settle into a relationship

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