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  *亭* | 亭* | *亭
pavilion / booth / kiosk / erect
Huating county in Pingliang 平涼|平凉, Gansu
sentry box / police box
Hanting district of Weifang city 濰坊市|潍坊市, Shandong
telephone booth
Longting district of Kaifeng city 開封市|开封市, Henan
Laoting county in Tangshan 唐山, Hebei
Yanting county in Mianyang 綿陽|绵阳, north Sichuan
bus shelter
book kiosk
Xiaoting district of Yichang city 宜昌市, Hubei
The Surging Waves Pavillion in Suzhou, Jiangsu
pavilion housing a stele
Shanting district of Zaozhuang city 棗莊市|枣庄市, Shandong
kiosk / newsstand
Aiwan Pavilion, on Mt Yuelu 岳麓山 in Hubei, famous beauty spot
postal kiosk / (old) rest shelter for couriers
"electrical junk center", site for re-processing of old electrical and electronic equipment
telephone booth
Baoting Li and Miao autonomous county, Hainan
The Peony Pavilion (1598), play by Tang Xianzu 湯顯祖|汤显祖

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