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  *交* | 交* | *交
to hand over / to deliver / to pay (money) / to turn over / to make friends / to intersect (lines) / variant of
diplomacy / diplomatic / foreign affairs / CL: 個|个
to complete a contract / to reach a deal
to hybridize / to crossbreed / promiscuity
to submit (a report etc) / to refer (a problem) to sb
interaction / social contact
public transportation / mass transit / abbr. for 公共交通
to cross over (e.g. traffic) / to intersect / to make friends
to hand over to / to give to higher authority / to seek connections in high places
to present / to give / to hand over / to hand in / to lay before
to transfer / to hand over
abbr. for 立體交叉|立体交叉 overpass
to make friends with
to establish diplomatic relations
sexual intercourse
to hand over / to deliver
to pass on to sb / to carry and give to sb else
Gujiao county level city in Taiyuan 太原, Shanxi
to hand in / to hand over
to end a relationship / to break off diplomatic ties
to break off relations / to break with sb
to be awfully (busy etc)
to deliver personally / to hand over face-to-face
foreign policy
relations between two countries / diplomatic relations
group sex
anal intercourse
to delay handing over (payment, homework etc)
friendship between gentlemen, insipid as water (idiom, from Zhuangzi 莊子|庄子)
personal friendship
molecular hybridization
to issue and deliver (to people)
(coll.) docile / well-behaved / biddable
best friend
to reopen diplomatic relations
friends despite the difference in age
variant of 摔跤
to fall into bad company / to make acquaintances indiscriminately
intimate friendship / bosom buddies
mixed (growth of wood)
to have sex / to have sexual intercourse
intimate friend
mammary intercourse
to hand over (bought goods etc)
former acquaintance / old friend
(long time) friend of the family
nodding acquaintance / slight familiarity
sworn brotherhood / intimate friendship
nodding acquaintance
a friend in times of tribulations (idiom); a friend in need is a friend indeed
intercrural sex
to consign / to send (goods to customers) / shipping / delivery
to have met once / casual acquaintance
(used with negative) to conclude / (impossible) to end / (can't) finish
close friendship / a meeting of minds
childhood friend (idiom)
intimate friendship (idiom)
variant of 跌跤
fingering (sexual act)
childhood friend (idiom)
traffic auxiliary police (Tw)
oral sex
old friend / former acquaintance
handjob / manual stimulation
backcrossing (i.e. hybridization with parent)
soul brothers / friends in spirit who have never met / to commune with
bevel / oblique
nodding acquaintance
aloof and as a result friendless (idiom)
(formal and deferential) to present / to submit

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