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  *井* | 井* | *井
a well / CL: / neat / orderly
  *井* | 井* | *井
Jing, one of the 28 constellations of Chinese astronomy / surname Jing
Sakai (Japanese surname)
Longjing, county-level city in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture 延邊朝鮮族自治州|延边朝鲜族自治州, Jilin / Longjing or Lungching Township in Taichung County 臺中縣|台中县, Taiwan / also Longjing tea 龍井茶|龙井茶
(water) well
a mine / a mine shaft
Sakurai (Japanese surname and place name)
to drill (e.g. for oil) / a borehole
Ziliujing District of Zigong City 自貢市|自贡市, Sichuan
Gongjing District of Zigong City 自貢市|自贡市, Sichuan
Sham Tseng (area in Hong Kong)
marketplace / town / the street (urban milieu) / the haunts of the common people
to dig a well
Mitsui (Japanese company)
to dig a well
Yanjing, common place name / former county 1983-1999, now part of Markam county 芒康縣|芒康县 in Chamdo prefecture, Tibet
open caisson
tube well
vertical shaft (for mining, ventilation systems etc)
inspection shaft / well
(mining) test pit / exploratory shaft / test well
oil well
to leave one's homeplace (to find work, flee disaster etc)
Imai (Japanese surname)
karez, qanat or "horizontal well" (irrigation and water management system used in Xinjiang, Central Asia and Middle East)
(mine) galleries and pits
Sakai (Japanese surname and place name)
Matsui (Japanese surname)
lit. not to dig a well until one is thirsty / to be unprepared and seek help at the last minute (idiom)
to leave home / to abandon one's family
Arai (Japanese surname)
Fujii (Japanese surname)
blind shaft / winze
Shitanjing subdistrict of Dawukou district 大武口區|大武口区 of Shizuishan city 石嘴山市, Ningxia
to dodge a pit only to fall into a well (idiom) / out of the frying pan into the fire
Yuching township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan
Wangfujing neighborhood of central Beijing, famous for shopping
lit. face thirst and dig a well (idiom); fig. not to make adequate provision / to act when it is too late
courtyard / atrium / opening in a roof / skylight / caisson ceiling / (TCM) acupuncture point TB10
orderly / tidy
Arai (Japanese surname)
ceiling (architecture)
Ishii (Japanese surname)
wolf trap (trou de loup), medieval defensive trap consisting of a concealed pit with sharp spikes
launching silo
wishing well
to jump into a well (to drown oneself, esp. of ladies in fiction)
elevator shaft

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