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twenty / 20
the 24 solar terms, calculated from the position of the sun on the ecliptic, that divide the year into 24 equal periods
20th century
the Japanese Twenty-One Demands of 1915
over 20
21st century
the Twenty-Four Histories (25 or 26 in modern editions), collection of books on Chinese dynastic history from 3000 BC till 17th century / fig. a long and complicated story
three sevens are twenty-one (idiom) / the facts of the matter / the actual situation
blackjack (card game)
regardless of the consequences / recklessly relying on a hopelessly optimistic forecast
26 years old
The Strange State of the World Witnessed Over 20 Years, novel by late Qing novelist Wu Jianren 吳趼人|吴趼人
twenty four dynastic histories (or 25 or 26 in modern editions)
who cares / no matter what / regardless of the consequences
the Twenty-four Filial Exemplars, classic Confucian text on filial piety from Yuan dynasty
the twenty-eight constellations
It's a long and intricate story, I hardly know where to start.
28-spotted ladybird / hadda beetle / Henosepilachna vigintioctopunctata

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