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war / conflict / CL: 場|场,
to compete / competition
  *争* | 争* | *争
to strive for / to vie for / to argue or debate / deficient or lacking (dialect) / how or what (literary)
a struggle / fight / battle
to work hard for / to do all one can / to contend strongly
market competition
(China's) War of Resistance against Japan (1937-1945)
to dispute
fair competition
to resist / to make a stand and fight (against)
unfair competition / illicit competition
War of Liberation (1945-49), after which the Communists 共產黨武裝|共产党武装 under Mao Zedong 毛澤東|毛泽东 took over from the Nationalists 國民政府|国民政府 under Chiang Kai-shek 蔣介石|蒋介石
the Opium Wars of 1840-1842 and 1860-1861
widely known / incontestable / undeniable / to not strive for / to not contend for
First Sino-Japanese War (1894-95)
Korean War (1950-1953)
Pacific War between Japan and the US, 1941-1945
war of aggression
the class struggle
to vie against one another / to fight each other / mutual aggression
Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871)
war on terrorism
internal power struggle
(Persian) Gulf War
to stand aloof from worldly affairs
The Wars of the Roses (1455-1485)
war of independence
Vietnam War (1955-1975)
to contend on strong grounds / to argue strongly for what is right
seize every minute and second (idiom); not a minute to lose / every moment counts
power struggle
American War of Independence (1775-1783)
lit. sandpiper and clam war together (and the fisherman catches both) (idiom); fig. neighbors who can't agree lose out to a third party
the Sino-Vietnamese War, fought between the PRC and Vietnam in 1979 / also known as the Third Indochina War
the war of 1904-1905 between Russia and Japan
argument / debate / controversy
direct competitor / direct competition
righteous struggle
to argue / to dispute
Sino-French War (1883-1885) (concerning French seizure of Vietnam)
Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988)
Chu-Han Contention (206-202 BC), power struggle between Liu Bang 劉邦|刘邦 of Han and Xiang Yu 項羽|项羽 of Chu
civil war / internal struggle
war of 1915 against Yuan Shikai and for the Republic
confrontation of 1929 between Chiang Kaishek and the Guangxi warlord faction
two tigers fighting (idiom); fierce contest between evenly matched adversaries
National Protection War or Campaign to Defend the Republic (1915), a rebellion against the installation of Yuan Shikai 袁世凱|袁世凯 as emperor
to fight desperately
National protection war or Campaign to defend the republic (1915), a rebellion against the installation of Yuan Shikai as emperor
Anti-Rightist Movement, Mao's purge of "rightists" after the Hundred Flowers Campaign ended in 1957
the three Punic Wars (264-146 BC) between Rome and Carthage
power struggle
the Six-Day War of June 1967 between Israel and its Arab neighbors
war of 1920 between Northern Warlords, in which the Zhili faction beat the Anhui faction and took over the Beijing government
term in TCM describing the progress of disease as an opposition between vital energy 正氣|正气 and pathogeny 邪氣|邪气
the Yom Kippur war of October 1973 between Israel and her Arab neighbors
to settle a dispute
to dispute / to struggle for mastery
the Crimean War (1853-1856)
lit. the ant fights, the snail contends (idiom); fig. petty squabbling
constant bickering and fighting (idiom); constantly at each other's throats / struggle for personal gain
second Manchu invasion of Korea (1636)
the Korean War (started June 25 1950)
first Manchu invasion of Korea (1627)
succession struggle / dispute over inheritance

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