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  *了* | 了* | *了
(completed action marker) / (modal particle indicating change of state, situation now) / (modal particle intensifying preceding clause)
besides / apart from (... also...) / in addition to / except (for)
in order to / for the purpose of / so as to
desperately serious / disastrous / extremely / exceedingly
  *了* | 了* | *了
to finish / to achieve / variant of 瞭|了 / to understand clearly
I've got a solution! / to have a bun in the oven (abbr. for 有了胎)
no thanks (used to politely but informally decline)
unable to / without end
What's up? / What's going on? / What happened?
OK! / Got it!
to be dead / not to be, or cease to exist
to settle in court (opposite: 私了)
at last / finally / in the end
all right! / that's enough!
(emphatically, in rhetorical questions) possible
unbearable / unable to endure / can't stand
to have disappeared / to be missing / nowhere to be found
to be finished / to be done for / ruined / gone to the dogs / oh no
to be ready
extremely / exceedingly
a modal particle indicating (that's all, only, nothing much)
a modal particle indicating (don't mind it, ok)
to be done / to be ready / that's enough! / that will do!
(coll.) on the point of death / dying
cannot do without / to be unavoidable / are bound to be many
to not use all of / to use less than
at worst / if worst comes to worst / serious / alarming
to realize clearly / to settle a matter / to get it over with
(Tw) (Internet slang) too late, someone posted that already (supposedly from "lag" misspelled as "leg")
Correct! / Oh, that's right, ... (when one suddenly remembers sth one wanted to mention) / Oh, by the way, ...
cannot forget
sorry to interrupt you, but ... / sorry to have bothered you / sorry, I have to go / (slang) (coined c. 2017) used facetiously to terminate a conversation (esp. online) when the other person is being insufferable
unavoidable / can't be avoided
to speak frankly
(slang) awesome / dope
without end / incessantly / on and on
(coll.) final part / last bit / at the end / finally
Portulaca Sundial (a type of plant)
green in the face (idiom) / to look unwell
unfinished / outstanding (business) / unfulfilled
what a coincidence!
say no more / don't bring it up / drop the subject
to end
cannot compare to / to be no match for
shoot! / gosh! / oh, no! / (suffix) to the utmost
to understand clearly / to be clear about / plain / clear
does not count for anything / of no account
to be sold out / to be out of stock
cicada (onom.)
super / excellent
clear and simple / in simple terms
once the main problem is solved, all troubles are solved / death ends all one's troubles
(coll.) nobody can beat that / extraordinary / remarkable
Here we go again.
very good
  *瞭* | 瞭* | *瞭
(of eyes) bright / clear-sighted / to understand clearly
  *瞭* | 瞭* | *瞭
unofficial variant of
to settle privately / to solve behind closed doors / to settle out of court
let it be / let it pass / forget about it
at the last moment / right at the end
then it's too late (colloquial)
(Internet slang) I can't even... / Are you kidding me! / OMG!
What decade are you living in? / That's so out-of-date!
lit. the dishes are cold (idiom) / fig. to arrive late / to take one's sweet time
gosh! / oh no! / darn!
fed up of hearing
to spare / to forgive
awesome / brilliant / magnificent
how can this be? / what's to be done? / what an awful mess!
if revenge breeds revenge, will there ever be an end to it? (Buddhist saying)
to be on the verge of tears
the cooked duck flew away (proverb) / (fig.) to let a sure thing slip through one's fingers
(coll.) (after adjectives such as , , 遠|远, ) very / extremely
failed / busted / to have not succeeded / to have died / to have parted company / to have chilled (of a relationship)
one's predestined fate is yet to be fulfilled (idiom)
to understand clearly / to be clear about / plain / clear / also written 明瞭|明了
mythical talking bird / mynah bird
to make a mess of sth / to bungle / to mismanage
rabbits don't have long tails (idiom) / its days are numbered / won't last long
that's that / that's it / that will do
(coll.) unbearable (Shanghainese)
to be dead / to have passed away
pants fly is down / the barn door is open
mythical talking bird / mynah bird
(coll.) aplenty / millions of
to put up with / to endure
to turn big problems into small ones, and small problems into no problems at all (idiom)

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