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  *乾* | 乾* | *乾
surname Qian
  *乾* | 乾* | *乾
one of the Eight Trigrams 八卦, symbolizing heaven / male principle // ancient Chinese compass point: 315° (northwest)
  *乾* | 乾* | *乾
surname Gan
  *乾* | 乾* | *乾
dry / clean / in vain / dried food / foster / adoptive / to ignore
clean / neat
biscuit / cracker / cookie / CL: , 塊|块
to dry (of weather, paint, cement etc) / desiccation / dull / uninteresting / arid
Qianlong Emperor (1711-1799), sixth Qing emperor, princely title 寶親王|宝亲王, personal name 弘曆|弘历, reigned 1735-1799
to dry clean / dry cleaning
dried food (including dried fruits, mushrooms and seafoods such as shrimp and abalone) / (fig.) (coll.) knowledge presented in readily assimilable form / just what you want to know: no more, no less (no 水分)
yin and yang / heaven and earth / the universe
straightforward / clear-cut / blunt (e.g. statement) / you might as well / simply
to dry over a stove
to drink a toast / Cheers! (proposing a toast) / Here's to you! / Bottoms up! / lit. dry cup
dry and rough (skin) / hoarse (voice) / dry and heavy (style)
rations (to take on expedition)
drought / arid / dry
dry and clean / clear and fresh
adoptive mother (traditional adoption, i.e. without legal ramifications)
to air-dry / to season (timber etc) / air-dried / air-drying
clothes dryer
to wipe dry
to dry in the sun
sandwich cookie / (jocularly) sb who is caught between two opposing parties / sb who is between the hammer and the anvil
soda biscuit / cracker
a drier
lit. to upend heaven and earth (idiom) / fig. to change the course of events / to turn things around
to wait in vain / to sit around waiting
drysuit (diving)
to blow-dry
mummy / dried corpse
to dry up
dried beef / jerky / charqui
adopted son (traditional adoption, i.e. without legal ramifications)
lit. dry mouth and tongue (idiom); to talk too much
to drain / to run dry
to dry in the shade
  *亁* | 亁* | *亁
variant of
clean and efficient / neat and tidy
adopted daughter (traditional adoption, i.e. without legal ramifications)
dry powder
to retch
squeaky clean / neat and tidy / efficient
smoked bean curd
dry / parched / dull / insipid
dried out / wizened / shriveled
dried ginger
dried shrimps
to give a hollow laugh / to force a smile / forced laugh / CL: 聲|声
to have the full responsibility of a job / allocated task
(neologism) person who posts online in support of the Chinese government, but unlike a wumao 五毛, is not paid for doing so (abbr. for 自帶乾糧的五毛|自带干粮的五毛)
Qianling at Xianyang 咸陽市|咸阳市 in Shaanxi, burial site of third Tang emperor 高宗 and empress Wuzetian 武則天|武则天
to stir-fry with oil only (no addition of water)
cautious and diligent all day long (idiom)
dried leaf
to dry out / to dry completely
Qian County in Xianyang 咸陽|咸阳, Shaanxi
dried vegetable
hot dry noodles
unclean / filthy / foul-mouthed
cooked and dried rice
  *乹* | 乹* | *乹
old variant of
dry ice (i.e. frozen CO2) / CL: 塊|块
Xiao Qian (1910-1999), Mongolian-born, Cambridge-educated journalist active during Second World War in Europe, subsequently famous author and translator
wafer / wafer cookie
dried fruit / dry fruits (nuts etc)
wizened / skinny and shriveled
Qian'an county in Songyuan 松原, Jilin
low tide / low water
conpoy / dried scallop
thieving / light-fingered / prone to stealing
strong in appearance but weak in reality (idiom)
fried beans, Sichuan style
Jianggan district of Hangzhou city 杭州市, Zhejiang
raisin / dried grape
(coll.) to be incompetent / useless / good-for-nothing
adopted son (traditional adoption, i.e. without legal ramifications)
dried food
Qian'an county in Songyuan 松原, Jilin
xeropthalmia (medicine) / dry eye syndrome
Jianggan district of Hangzhou city 杭州市, Zhejiang
lit. overturning heaven and earth (idiom); earth-shattering / a radical change
to carbonize / dry distillation / carbonization
dry eye / xerophthalmia (drying of the tear glands, often due to lack of vitamin A)
adoptive mother (traditional adoption, i.e. without legal ramifications)
a system of payment partly in kind and partly in cash
Three great poets of the Qianlong and Jiaqing era (1735-1820), namely: Yuan Mei 袁枚, Jiang Shiquan 蔣士銓|蒋士铨 and Zhao Yi 趙翼|赵翼
knapsack (for provisions) / haversack
a little dirt never killed anybody (proverb) / a couple of germs won't do you any harm
Parmesan cheese
to dry over a fire / to roast

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