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  *乱* | 乱* | *乱
in confusion or disorder / in a confused state of mind / disorder / upheaval / riot / illicit sexual relations / to throw into disorder / to mix up / indiscriminate / random / arbitrary
to disturb / to perturb / to harass
confusion / chaos / disorder
careless / reckless / casually / absent-mindedly / at will / at random / any old how
in disorder / deranged (mentally)
to disturb / to look for trouble / to stir up a row / to bother sb intentionally
disorder / chaos
messy / disarrayed / disheveled / chaos
in a mess / in a jumble / chaotic
to act with confusion / to be in a flurry / to be flustered
frenetic / hurried
to be dazzled
chaos of war
disturbance / riot / to create a disturbance
turmoil / upheaval / unrest
dirty and disordered / in a mess
riot / rebellion / revolt
to disrupt / to throw into disorder
confused / rattled / flustered
to wish for the whole world to be in chaos (idiom)
numerous and disorderly
lit. heart distracted, thoughts in turmoil (idiom); distraught with anxiety
armed rebellion
to start a rebellion / to rise in revolt
matted (of straw or hair) / unkempt / overgrown / scraggly / thatch
calamity and chaos / devastating disorder / great turmoil
dazzled / confused
soldiers munity and troops rebel (idiom); turmoil and chaos of war
the Yellow Turbans Peasant Uprising at the end of later Han (from 184)
the whole country in rebellion
rushed and muddled
An-Shi Rebellion (755-763) of 安祿山|安禄山 and 史思明, a catastrophic setback for Tang dynasty
in disorder / a complete mess
to mess up / to mismanage / to bungle / to confuse / to muddle
turmoil / social upheaval
social upheaval caused by war or famine etc
anxious / agitated
in disorder / messy
(idiom) to become agitated / to get worked up
(slang, jocular, neologism c. 2006, used esp. in relation to public figures) the things you and your friends get up to (misbehavior, scandals etc) leave me shaking my head
internal disorder / civil strife / civil unrest
variant of 繚亂|缭乱
tragic disaster / disturbance and bloodshed
rebellion against Liang of the Southern Dynasties 南朝梁 in 548
to rebel against the emperor (idiom)
dazed / confused / fuddled
to mess up / to put into disorder / to meddle with / to confuse
Three feudatories rebellion against Qing 1673-1681 during the reign of Kangxi
late Tang peasant uprising 875-884 led by Huang Chao
to put down a rebellion
to confuse / to befuddle
Ōnin war 1467-1477 between factions of Ashikaga shogunate
(idiom) confused / troubled / bewildered
Taiping Rebellion (1850-1864), which ultimately failed but caused massive upheaval and weakened the Qing dynasty
(coll.) to cause trouble for sb / to inconvenience
second Manchu invasion of Korea (1636)
Li Ji Rebellion in 657-651 BC, where concubine Li Ji tried to throne her son but was eventually defeated by Duke Wen of Jin 晉文公|晋文公
to rebel / sedition / to delude / confused
chicken cholera (caused by Pasteurella multocida or P. avicida) / fowl cholera
rebellion against the Qing of 1670s, pacified by Kangxi
post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD
first Manchu invasion of Korea (1627)
delirium / mental illness
wild and disorderly
confusion of war / turmoil of war
Imjin war, Japanese invasion of Korea 1592-1598
the Boxer uprising
to be in complete disorder

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