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  *买* | 买* | *买
to buy / to purchase
to purchase / to buy
buyer; purchaser
buying and selling / business / business transactions / CL: 樁|桩,
to buy a house
to pay the restaurant bill
Mumbai (formerly Bombay)
cannot afford / can't afford buying
to buy out / buyout / severance
to ingratiate oneself
to purchase / to buy in (goods)
to buy tickets / (Tw) to buy votes (in an election)
variant of 買帳|买帐
to purchase / to bribe
to buy back / to redeem / repurchase
to recruit soldiers and buy horses (idiom); to raise a large army / fig. to expand business / to recruit new staff
to purchase / to buy / to do one's shopping / purchasing agent / buyer
to force sb to buy or sell / to trade using coercion
to bribe
buying price
to buy a title / to use wealth to acquire office
to buy detail / to buy one at a time
Best Buy (retailer)
to buy a wooden box and return the pearls inside / to show poor judgment (idiom)
to visit a prostitute / (literary) to buy wine or drinks
to speculate / to play the market / (fig.) to sell hot air / to swindle people by posing as a reputable operator
(Internet slang) eggcorn for the song lyrics "I love Poland" that became a catchphrase in 2018
buyer (in contracts)
to acknowledge sb as senior or superior (often in negative) / to accept (a version of events) / to buy it
to bribe / bribery
to purchase / to buy (usu. real estate)
to allow sb to save face / to defer to
buying and selling at fair prices
to buy (finance)
to buy and sell at a profit / to speculate
to purchase (sth expensive, e.g. a house); to acquire (a company, a copyright etc)
dynamite (loanword)
to buy on margin (finance)
buy one, get one free / two for the price of one
lit. An interval of time is worth an ounce of gold, money cannot buy you time. (idiom) / fig. Time is precious and must be treasured.
a one-off, short-sighted deal / a one-shot, all-out attempt
to buy and sell / to do business / to trade / to deal
can't be bought for one thousand in gold (idiom)
lit. the scholar buys a donkey (idiom); fig. long-winded verbiage that never gets to the point / idiom mocking scholastic pomposity
An ounce of gold can't buy you an interval of time (idiom); Money can't buy you time. / Time is precious.
to buy in bulk / bulk buying
buying and selling on speculation
to keep on buying (a product) regardless (of price increases, adverse publicity etc)
Jamaican pepper / all-spice (Pimenta dioica)
GreTai Securities Market (GTSM)
buying and selling of official positions
buyer's market
to do one's shopping
lit. to buy smiles to seek happiness / abandon oneself to the pleasures of the flesh (idiom)
money extorted by bandits in exchange for safe passage; illegal toll / (old) paper money strewn along the path of a funeral procession
to offer a bribe
purchasing power
to buy popular support / to court favor
money can't buy happiness

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