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to entertain / to amuse / entertainment / recreation / amusement / hobby / fun / joy
music / CL: 張|张, ,
  *乐* | 乐* | *乐
surname Le
  *乐* | 乐* | *乐
surname Yue
  *乐* | 乐* | *乐
happy / cheerful / to laugh
  *乐* | 乐* | *乐
light music
happy / merry
gaiety / gladness / glee / merriment / pleasure / happy / joyous / gay
Happy birthday
to amuse oneself / recreation
classical music
instrumental music
amusing / entertaining / (loanword) cola
Kangle county in Linxia Hui autonomous prefecture 臨夏回族自治州|临夏回族自治州, Gansu
peace and happiness (old) / healthy and happy / recreation
Minyue county in Zhangye 張掖|张掖, Gansu
folk music, esp. for traditional instruments
Xinle county level city in Shijiazhuang 石家莊|石家庄, Hebei
pop music
background music (BGM) / soundtrack / musical setting
to enjoy together
to play around / to disport oneself
music-loving / philharmonic
Changle county in Weifang 濰坊|潍坊, Shandong
rural tourism / agritourism
vocal music
Yongle Emperor, reign name of third Ming emperor Zhu Di 朱棣 (1360-1424), reigned 1403-1424, Temple name 明成祖
Changle county level city in Fuzhou 福州, Fujian / Princess Changle of Western Wei of the Northern dynasties 西魏, given in marriage c. 545 to Bumin Khan 土門|土门
Happy New Year!
to eat, drink and be merry (idiom) / to abandon oneself to a life of pleasure
Anle district of Keelung City 基隆市, Taiwan
peace and happiness
Bo Le (horse connoisseur during Spring and Autumn Period) / a good judge of talent / talent scout
bliss / extreme happiness
Baccarat (loanword)
four types of human emotions, namely: happiness 歡喜|欢喜, anger 憤怒|愤怒, sorrow 悲哀 and joy 快樂|快乐
string music
Börtala Shehiri, county level city in Börtala Mongol autonomous prefecture 博爾塔拉蒙古自治州|博尔塔拉蒙古自治州, Xinjiang
to enjoy life / pleasures of life
Merlot (grape type)
jazz (loanword)
Pingle county in Guilin 桂林, Guangxi
orchestral music
harmonious and happy
pleasure from helping others (idiom)
Merry Christmas
Nanle county in Puyang 濮陽|濮阳, Henan
to amuse oneself / to clown around / to provoke laughter
Macro (brand)
jazz (loanword)
satisfied with what one has (idiom)
rock music / rock 'n roll
national music / Chinese traditional music
classical music (mainly Western)
Jiangle county in Sanming 三明, Fujian
(Confucianism) rites and music (the means of regulating society)
guava (loanword from Taiwanese)
formal ceremonial music of each succeeding Chinese dynasty starting with the Zhou / Korean a'ak / Japanese gagaku
Jingle county in Xinzhou 忻州, Shanxi
Charles De Gaulle (1890-1970), French general and politician, leader of the Free French during World War II and president of the Republic 1959-1969
family love and joy / domestic bliss
to abandon suffering and obtain happiness (Buddhism)
depressed / sulky / moody / unhappy
to find amusement in one's own way / to enjoy oneself quietly
heavenly music
modern music / contemporary music
The first concern is affairs of state, enjoying the pleasure comes later. Quotation from essay On Yueyang Tower 岳陽樓記|岳阳楼记 by Song writer Fan Zhongyan 範仲淹|范仲淹
funeral music / plaint / dirge
country music (country & western music genre)
folk music
backscratcher (made from bamboo etc) / (may also refer to other products that are of benefit to old people, such as padded cloth shoes, mobility tricycle etc)
to perform music / to play a tune
chamber music
to find amusement / to amuse oneself
to make merry
pleasure seeking (idiom); life of dissipation
to enjoy the present (idiom); to live happily with no thought for the future / make merry while you can / carpe diem
former Taole county, now in Pingluo county 平羅縣|平罗县, Shizuishan 石嘴山, Ningxia
to thrive in calamity and perish in soft living (idiom) / life springs from sorrow and calamity, death comes from ease and pleasure
to find joy in sorrows (idiom); to enjoy sth in spite of one's suffering
Gatorade (brand)
Diet Coke / Coca-Cola Light
vice / degenerate pleasures
plucked string music
musical theater
Hu music / central Asian music (e.g. as appreciated by Tang literati)
drinking party / to go on a binge / to paint the town red
woodwind music
joy / happiness
to play / to amuse oneself

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