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  *之* | 之* | *之
(possessive particle, literary equivalent of ) / him / her / it
in a word / in short / in brief
on the other hand... / conversely...
in short / in a word / in brief
(indicating a fraction)
thereupon / subsequently / accordingly
moreover / in addition to that
to substitute for sb / to remove and replace
over time / as time passes / in the fullness of time
to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled / to end up with nothing definite
in other words
second (in a competition) / occupying second place
Wang Xizhi (303-361), famous calligrapher of Eastern Jin, known as the sage of calligraphy 書聖|书圣
overt / to make no secret (of one's presence) / grandiose / with great scope
for this reason
to do one's best / to shape up / to behave / to fend for oneself / you're on your own
Gu Kaizhi or Ku K'aichih (346-407), famous painter of Eastern Jin dynasty, one of the Four Great Painters of the Six Dynasties 六朝四大家
to show respect from a distance (idiom) / to remain at a respectful distance
to avoid a problem by walking away from it / to quit
divide and rule (strategy) / divide and conquer
to make a conscious effort / to do something deliberately
Since they have come, we should make them comfortable (idiom). Since we're here, take it easy. / Since this is so, we should accept it. / Now we have come, let's stay and take the rough with the smooth. / If you can't do anything to prevent it, you might as well sit back and enjoy it.
to have no other choice / to be the last resort
to apply sth more broadly / by logical extension / and, by extension,
in a moment / shortly after
to take a laissez-faire attitude
to dismiss with a laugh / to make light of
to have both (at the same time)
to keep going resolutely despite knowing the task is impossible (idiom)
the masses rise to attack it (idiom); Everyone is against the idea. / universally abhorrent
one word says it all (idiom, from Analects); to cut a long story short / in a nutshell
Zu Chongzhi (429-500), astronomer and mathematician
to laugh away (instead of taking seriously)
Wang Fuzhi (1619-1692), wide-ranging scholar of the Ming-Qing transition
to handle the situation calmly (idiom) / unruffled / to treat the situation lightly
in brief / in a word
careless / sloppy
to respect Gods and demons from a distance (idiom); to remain at a respectful distance
to do the very opposite / to act in a diametrically opposite way
in other words
going from there to lower grades (idiom)
to just talk for the sake of talking
Ritz (cracker brand)
to set to one side and ignore (idiom); quite indifferent / cold and uncaring
to miss sb by a narrow chance / to miss an opportunity
for a long time
in other words
in a nutshell / to put it briefly
to do sth once in a while (idiom) / to do sth more as an exception than the rule
lit. to tune one's zither then play it; fig. to live by the consequences of one's actions / to make one's bed then lie on it
whereabouts unknown
to tell sb / to inform
Zhang Yizhi (-705), Tang dynasty politician and favorite of Empress Wu Zetian 武則天|武则天
everyone loves beauty (idiom)
in simple terms / to put things simply / briefly
Raziel, archangel in Judaism

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