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  *之* | 之* | *之
(possessive particle, literary equivalent of ) / him / her / it
in a word / in short / in brief
on the other hand... / conversely...
during / at the time of
fears of trouble in the rear (idiom); family worries (obstructing freedom of action) / worries about the future consequences / often in negative expressions, meaning "no worries about anything"
in short / in a word / in brief
top priority job / matter of vital importance
family love and joy / domestic bliss
afterwards / following / later / after
between / among / inter-
one of (sth) / one out of a multitude / one (third, quarter, percent etc)
before / prior to / ago / previously / beforehand
inside / among / in the midst of (doing sth) / during
outside / excluding
(indicating a fraction)
and so on / and such
apart from this / in addition to this
(after a noun N and before a predicate P) the reason why N P / Example: 我之所以討厭他|我之所以讨厌他 "the reason why I dislike him (is ...)"
to call it... / known as...
thereupon / subsequently / accordingly
moreover / in addition to that
to pursue unremittingly (idiom); to persevere
to be effective (idiom)
the Silk Road
of the utmost importance / of highest priority
The Sound of Music, Broadway musical (1959) and Academy Award-winning movie (1965)
unsolved mystery
Wang Xizhi (303-361), famous calligrapher of Eastern Jin, known as the sage of calligraphy 書聖|书圣
the road one must follow or take / the only way / same as 必由之路
before then / up until that point
fully deserving, without any reservations (idiom); entirely worthy (of a title, honor etc)
a hundred percent / out and out / absolutely
aged thirty (see 三十而立)
uninvited or unexpected guest
(lit. and fig.) overnight
a possible period of want or need
period of ... years
before that / beforehand / previously
over time / as time passes / in the fullness of time
second (in a competition) / occupying second place
lit. ready to appear at the call (idiom) / fig. on the verge of coming out into the open / (of a person's choice etc) on the point of being disclosed / (of an artistic depiction) vividly portrayed
invincible position
under / beneath / less than
to substitute for sb / to remove and replace
in other words
Voice of America (VOA)
the root of all evil
(acknowledged) place / a role to play / niche
the way of maintaining good health
knowing oneself (idiom) / self-knowledge
tremendous strength (idiom)
proficiency in a particular field (idiom) / skill in a specialized area (idiom)
to lock one's door and refuse to see sb
lit. the exertion of lifting one's hand (idiom) / fig. a very slight effort
(lit.) land of fish and rice / (fig.) fertile region / land of milk and honey
the frog at the bottom of the well (idiom) / fig. a person of limited outlook and experience
overtone (music) / (fig.) connotation / implied meaning
to rush like ducks (idiom); the mob scrabbles madly for sth unobtainable / an unruly crowd on a wild goose chase
Rosamund Kwan (1962-), Hong Kong actress
Battle of Redcliff of 208 at Chibi in Huangzhou district 黃州區|黄州区 of Huanggang city 黃岡|黄冈, a decisive defeat of Cao Cao 曹操 at the hands of southern kingdom of Wu / famous episode in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms 三國演義|三国演义
Midsummer night's dream, comedy by William Shakespeare 莎士比亞|莎士比亚
an up-and-coming youngster / new talent / a brilliant younger generation
priceless treasure
impossible to get rid of
Eurostar (train line)
Deutsche Welle, German publicly-operated international broadcaster
as easy as pie
a person with knowledge and experience (idiom)
to tell sb / to inform
for this reason
contrary to expectation / unexpected
a single spark (idiom); an insignificant cause can have a massive effect
the brush stroke that dots in the eyes (idiom); fig. to add the vital finishing touch / the crucial point that brings the subject to life / a few words to clinch the point
sensible act
to do one's best / to shape up / to behave / to fend for oneself / you're on your own
land of plenty / Heavenly province (epithet of Sichuan, esp. area around Chengdu)
master of the house / family head
vice versa
Ritz (cracker brand)
ample scope for abilities / favorable position for the use of one's skills (idiom)
congratulations on house-moving or promotion (idiom); Best wishes for your new home!
limitless supply (of) / inexhaustible
lit. as different as sky and earth (idiom) / fig. night and day difference / opposite extremes / a world of difference / a far cry from
as easy as blowing off dust / effortless / with ease
to take advantage of sb's precarious position
soul and spirit of the deceased
the road one must follow or take / the only way
to make a conscious effort / to do something deliberately
Quake (video game series)
unhealthy tendency
Failure is the mother of success.
The cleverest housewife cannot cook without rice (idiom); You won't get anywhere without equipment.
Zhang Zhidong (1837-1909), prominent politician in late Qing
(in the negative) (not) to be trifled with
a single spark can start a huge blaze (idiom); an insignificant cause can have a massive effect
lit. a horse that brings trouble to its herd (idiom) / fig. troublemaker / black sheep / rotten apple
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